Here are the most common Xbox One problems, and how to fix them

Having problems with your Xbox One console? We have the solutions

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Games won’t install

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All Xbox One games need to be installed. This process happens in the background, and gamers can generally start playing the game as the installation is ongoing. Some users have reported that the installation process is freezing, often at zero percent, which means the game won’t play at all.

Possible solutions:

This could be an issue with the optical drive, the disc itself (assuming it is disc based rather than downloadable), or a network connection. It may require a call to Microsoft, but there may be an easier fix.

  • The first thing you should do is make sure your console is updated with the most recent Microsoft patches. If your system is offline, connect (assuming you have the means) and let the console do its thing.
  • If you are online, the issue may be your connection to Xbox Live. First, unhook your Ethernet cable, or if you are using a wireless connection disable it through Settings. Then hold down the power button for 10 seconds. Restart your system, but don’t connect online. If the installation begins normally, you should then be able to reconnect to Xbox Live without issue. If the problem continues though, contact Microsoft.
  • If it is just one game, assuming it is installing from a physical disc, make sure the disc is clean and undamaged. If there is a noticeable chip or scratch, you may need to return the game itself.

Controller not syncing

Possible solutions:

You may have a controller go rogue over the course of your Xbox One’s life span. Xbox forums have identified plenty of issues especially with connectivity and drifting. There are several easy methods that could possibly solve these problems. In both cases, you’ll want to make sure your controller is updated.

  • For disconnecting controllers, you’ll want to make sure your controller has functioning batteries then try restarting the console. If this doesn’t fix anything, make sure that you’re within the range of the Kinect. Every controller is equipped with two infrared lights that light up when your controller is out of range and is trying to reconnect. Obviously, making sure you’re within range is essential to making your controller work.
  • For drifting controllers, make sure your controller is updated and has fresh batteries. Then, power down and unplug your console. This will empty your cache. Wait a few minutes then restart your console. If the problem still remains your can request to replace your controller through Xbox’s online service center.

Xbox One cannot properly read discs

While it isn’t as disturbing as hearing a disc grinding in your console, an Xbox One that doesn’t read discs is not ideal, especially if your library primarily consists of physical games. Some users have reported consoles that fail to read certain games, or even have a widespread problem with reading all discs.

Luckily, isolated disc errors aren’t always brought on by damaged discs, and if your disc drive is having issues reading your games, it doesn’t necessarily mean your console is shot. If neither of the solutions below work, however, you may need to call Microsoft or take the disc in question back to your retailer if it’s under warranty.

Possible solutions:

  • For isolated disc read errors, ensure that the disc is not scratched or smudged. Minor cosmetic scratches are usually okay, but deep scratches often signal serious, possibly irreparable damage. Use a soft, slightly damp cloth to clean the disc of smudges. A microfiber cloth is ideal. Believe it or not, ridding your disc of fingerprints can go a long way toward a successful gaming session. If your Xbox One still won’t read the disc after you’ve cleaned it, try inserting it into another console if you have access to one. From there, you can learn if the disc is truly defective or if your console is the culprit.
  • For widespread disc read errors, it’s possible that the disc is not going far enough into the console for the laser to read it. First, eject the disc. Now, if your console is on an entertainment center, you need to carefully move it to an open area — but make sure all cords and cables remain plugged in when doing so. With the console on, tilt your console from the front to a 45-degree angle. While holding it there, insert the disc. This allows the disc to more easily move into its designed position. Instead of an error message, your game should begin to boot. Because the Xbox One uses a feeding mechanism instead of a tray, the drive may have a difficult time pulling the disc far enough back to be properly read it as time goes on.

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