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Step up your combat skills in Control with the best mods in the game

Control offers a surprising amount of customization options over the 10 or so hours it will take you to get through it. Many of these options come in the form of weapon and personal mods that enhance Jesse’s combat skills and make it easier to overcome some of the more difficult battles. The number of mods you can get in Control can be a bit overwhelming at first, but this guide will break down which you should get to become an unstoppable Hiss-killing machine.

Mods explained

Mods are split up into two distinct categories – Personal and Weapon. You can change your mods at any time by opening the menu, and you can equip mods under both categories to enhance your stats. In the case of Personal mods, you can upgrade the amount of health you have, how quickly it regenerates, and your total energy level, among other similar stats. Weapon mods, on the other hand, can affect your damage and accuracy, as well as the attributes of the various Service Weapon forms.

The total number of mods you can equip is determined by a few factors. Your weapon’s level will determine how many modifications you can equip under Weapon Mods. One can be equipped by default, with a second mod becoming available after you upgrade it using collectible resources.

More Personal Mods can be equipped after you have unlocked enough ability upgrades. Ability upgrades are more readily available compared to the resources needed for upgrading weapons, so you will be able to equip more ability mods far before you can equip more weapon mods.

How to get mods in Control

There are two main ways you can acquire mods: collecting and crafting. We much prefer collecting them, as the crates scattered throughout the world are packed with them. In fact, by the end of Control, we found ourselves having to delete unused mods because we were running out of room.

Mods are given a rarity level from one to five, which determine how useful they are. If you need to make more room for mods, you can clear up space by removing some of the low-level mods as necessary.

If you want to craft mods, you can spend resources to do so, but you’ll be limited to low-level mods until you purchase an upgrade. These cost a few types of resources including precious House Memories, which you then won’t be able to use for other, more important items.

The best Weapon Mods in Control

We’ve detailed some of our favorite Weapon Mods to equip while playing Control. Some of these can be used across all weapon forms, while others are limited to just one form.

  • Low Health Boost: Increased your damage while you are low on health. Great for clearing out enemies as you make your way to the health shards around a room.
  • Consecutive Kills Boost: Increased damage after each kill. Ideal for situations when you’re being surrounded and need to make an escape.
  • Shatter Projectile Choke: Increases the shotgun spread of the Shatter weapon form. Make it easier to hit multiple enemies at once.
  • Headshot Boost: Heavily increases headshot damage. Great for taking out powerful enemy types.

The best Personal Mods in Control

These are the Personal Mods we recommend in Control. Unlike Weapon Mods, there are no specific forms you need to equip in order to use them.

  • Launch Efficiency: Lower the energy cost for using your Launch power. Makes the beginning stages of battles far easier.
  • Health Recovery: Earn back more health with each health element you pick up.
  • Health Boost: Increase your total health. Get this one early, as you start with very little health.
  • Energy Boost: Increase your total energy.
  • Energy Recovery: Recharge your energy more quickly.
  • Seize Speed: Possess enemies using your Seize ability more quickly.

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