Cooking Mama: Breaking Bad edition… Who didn’t see this game coming?

cooking mama breaking bad edition

Breaking Bad is an extremely popular show on AMC about a high school chemistry teacher who cooks meth to make additional income to support his family and battle against terminal lung cancer. Cooking Mama is cooking simulation game where you learn to make various meals by following the steps Mama gives you, from dicing to slicing to boiling to stir frying. What do these two things have in common? If you haven’t figured it out, ladies and gentlemen, meet Cooking Mama: Breaking Bad edition.

cooking mama breaking bad gameplayDeveloped by Juan David Gomez (who we assume is a fan of both the show and the game), the browser-based game is pretty much exactly what you think it is. You play as Walter White’s apprentice as he takes you through the steps of how he cooks meth in the kitchen. All the elements of Cooking Mama are apparent here, with clicks to crush pills or swipe motions to shake chemicals in a jar. While the steps aren’t as intricate as the real game nor are they advised to be applied in reality, the hilarious spinoff is a clever and silly one we’re surprised didn’t exist before season 5 premiered.

The joyous and cartoony Walter also seems pretty excited in the game to relay meth making instructions. He probably doesn’t want you to find out about the axe murder, lies, and betrayals behind his troubled eyes.

Have a try for yourself at the Flavour Machine and see if you can get the perfect score. Spoiler alert: it’s not that difficult, and it’s super short. This game, in conjunction with the recent zombie outbreak stunt in New York City, are all the more reason AMC shows are oh, so awesome. While it’s definitely controversial, an actual Nintendo DS spinoff probably would sell like hotcakes.