Counter-Strike 1.6 review

Quote from the review at Elite-Guild:

“What else could a money hungry terrorist want more than new terror toys?! Unfortunately, they sort of get the short end of the stick. They only get one new toy whereas those justice loving Counter-Terrorists get a couple. On to it then!

Each side has been given a new rifle that they can buy. The starting round in any game of CS involves going head to head with a pistol and no armor

(Or if you’re smart, using the default pistol and buying some Kevlar instead of gallivanting around with a Deagal acting like you’re cool ‘cause your gun is silver)

and then whichever team is able to kill the other gets a small sum of money and the loser goes back to respawn to play round one over again. Well on to the guns! Both rifles are less expensive than the others, which gets some better firepower in your hands faster.

The terrorists get the Galil, an Israeli gun that is a take off of the more popular AK-47. I think this gun is rather nice. It’s rather accurate and with a magazine capacity of 35 rounds, means you’ll still be able to be shooting while your opponent has to reload. (Unless you’re a noob and spray like a fire hose all over the place)”

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