Creative Assembly preparing Alien game for Sony Orbis, Microsoft Durango

creative assembly preparing alien game for sony orbis microsoft durango

Aliens: Colonial Marines is old news. Cargo loaders, pulse rifles, motion trackers, xenomorph multiplayer? Whatever. 2K Games announced its Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 shooter sequel to Aliens back in 2008 for crying out loud. That was an eternity ago. It’s all about the future, and Creative Assembly is already getting together an Alien game for the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4.

Website Gamerzines noted in a Thursday report that a job posting on Creative Assembly’s website calls for a Multiplayer/Gameplay programmer who will be working on a new “AAA multi-platform title on current and future generation consoles set in the Alien universe.” Whoever gets the job will be in charge of developing the game’s matchmaking lobbies, voice chat features, and multiplayer game modes.

Creative Assembly actually started staffing up for its Alien game back in May 2011 and said at the time that it was “open minded” about developing for the next generation of consoles from Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo.

Microsoft’s Durango and Sony’s Orbis are at least eighteen months away from showing up on store shelves, and considering that Creative Assembly is still getting together its staff, it’s safe to assume that their game is at least that far away as well.

Since Sega is committed to the Alien franchise, this game is a strong candidate for launch title on both of those machines. Than again, game development is a long, unpredictable process.

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