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Burnout creators to unleash Dangerous Golf on Xbox One, PS4, PC in June

Dangerous Golf, an over-the-top parody sports sim from the creators of the Burnout series, will make its explosive debut on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC platforms via Steam in June, developer Three Fields Entertainment announced this week.

Inspired by NBA Jam and Burnout‘s iconic Crash Mode, Dangerous Golf aims to bridge the gap between simulation-oriented sports sims and all-out action gaming.


Three Fields Entertainment emerged in 2014 as an independent studio helmed by Criterion Games veterans Fiona Sperry and Alex Ward. During his time at Criterion, Ward directed 2001’s Burnout, a landmark arcade-styled racing game known for its destruction-oriented gameplay.

Burnout was a critical and commercial success, leading to the launch of multiple sequels in the years that followed, including highlights like Burnout 3: Takedown and Burnout Paradise. After Criterion shifted its focus toward developing sequels in Electronic Arts’ Need for Speed series, Ward and Sperry departed the company in 2014, forming Three Fields Entertainment in the hopes of reigniting the success they previously found with the Burnout games.

Dangerous Golf takes place across a series of detailed indoor environments, and players are rewarded for causing as much destruction as possible. Over the course of each hole, players can target nearby valuables for score while planting bombs in preparation for an explosive finish.

Though its premise is simple, Dangerous Golf uses the processing power of modern consoles to deliver a level of detail not possible with the previous console generation. In-game objects realistically shatter into countless pieces when struck, and an advanced physics engine ensures that all in-game action unfolds as realistically as possible.

In addition to its core single-player mode, Dangerous Golf also serves up a two-player Co-Op World Tour campaign, along with a competitive Party Golf mode for up to eight players. Dangerous Golf hits the Xbox Live Marketplace, the PlayStation Network, and Steam on June 3.

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