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Someone is playing ‘Dark Souls 3’ using bananas as a controller

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There’s an unofficial internet law called “Rule 34” that states that anything and everything you could ever think of has already been made into pornography. Now, judging by recent events, there clearly needs to be another rule stating that every object in the world can be turned into a video game controller. The latest: A bunch of bananas.

YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and Reddit user ATwerkingYoshi has apparently wired 10 bananas as the various buttons needed to control Dark Souls 3 and decided to tackle the infamously challenging game using only the fruit as his input method.

ATwerkingYoshi posted a GIF of this feat to the gaming section on Reddit in a topic titled “Playing Dark Souls 3 with Bananas is…. Bananas.” The GIF shows his Dark Souls 3 character fighting the Abyss Watchers, arguably one of the game’s toughest boss fights, while in one corner his hands carefully touch and tap several bananas with wires poking out of them. With zero healing estus flasks remaining and the boss’s health still high, he doesn’t appear to be doing too well, which to be fair is understandable.

He explained this bizarre sight in the comments. “Long story short, I wired 10 bananas to correspond each controller button (WASD, left & right click, Roll, and Heal),” ATwerkingYoshi wrote. “This is in fact the hardest run yet and most of the bananas are already bruised.”

“Best $2 I’ve ever spent,” he added.

ATwerkingYoshi has carved out a niche on YouTube and Twitch mainly by playing games ranging from Dark Souls 3 to Star Fox 64 using a Dance Dance Revolution dance pad as a controller. He’s also branched out to other control methods, like a Wii steering wheel controller and several bags of Doritos.

Reddit commenters offered some creative suggestions for future challenges, including playing with Bop-It toys and walking on Legos for input, which ATwerkingYoshi said is his favorite idea yet.

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