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Dataminers uncover teases for upcoming Nintendo releases in ‘Miitomo’

We’re just a matter of hours away from the launch of the hotly anticipated Super Mario Run, but now dataminers have found content in one of Nintendo’s previous mobile releases that might hint at what’s in store for the future.

Dataminers poring through Nintendo’s Miitomo social networking app have discovered references to two previously announced games. It’s thought that once these titles are released, Miitomo will play a role in Nintendo’s promotional efforts.

A currently unused loading screen found in Miitomo asks players whether they have heard of Miitopia, an RPG starring Mii characters scheduled for release on the Nintendo 3DS. The likelihood is that they haven’t, as this is the first time that Miitopia has been referenced by Nintendo in English, according to a report from IGN.

Miitopia was only unveiled in November, but it’s scheduled to release in Japan on December 8. It’s likely that the translation process will take some time, so a release outside Asia may still be a way off — but the reference found in Miitomo does suggest that Nintendo plans to bring the game to other regions.

The second game that’s referenced in content found in Miitomo is the upcoming mobile app based on the long-running Fire Emblem series. This title was initially announced in spring 2016, alongside an app spawned from the Animal Crossing franchise.

Nintendo hasn’t offered up much information at all about these releases — all we really had to go on regarding Fire Emblem is a logo and confirmation that the game will be “free-to-start” for all players. That logo is the important part, as it appears in a wall texture that’s been found during the datamining of Miitomo.

Both the Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem apps are scheduled to release in spring 2017, but there’s currently no indication as to whether they’ll hit iOS ahead of Android in the same manner as Super Mario Run.

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