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Dead by Daylight is getting 3 spinoff games, and you can get one for free right now

Key art for The Casting of Frank Stone.
Behaviour Interactive

Behaviour Interactive is committed to growing Dead by Daylight as a franchise. That much is clear given that three spinoff games from the multiplayer horror hit were shown off during a live stream today. One of them is even out now.

All three games were shown during Dead by Daylight’s 8th anniversary stream, where Behaviour Interactive also revealed the horror game’s new 2v8 mode. In addition to the base game’s new updates, the Dead by Daylight universe will expand with three games: Project T, The Casting of Frank Stone, and What the Fog.

Project T is in development at Midwinter Entertainment and is a session-based co-op third-person shooter. It follows characters called Trespassers, who are summoned to a region called The Backwater by The Entity and work to fight their way out from there (with guns). Project T has no release date because it’s early in development, but sign-ups for its insider program are now open.

A work-in-progress screenshot from Dead by Daylight spin-off Project T.
Behaviour Interactive

Next, we got a new look at The Casting of Frank Stone, Supermassive Games’ narrative adventure title revealed at The Game Awards 2023. It got a new trailer that delved more into the story, revealing that it’s about a group of friends who are shooting a horror movie at an abandoned building before things go horribly wrong.

Traci Tufte, Supermassive Games executive producer, also confirmed during a press conference I attended ahead of the stream that this experience will last five to seven hours, depending on the choices players make. The Casting of Frank Stone will launch for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S before the end of 2024.

What the Fog gameplay.
Behaviour Interactive

Toward the end of the show, Behaviour surprise-released a new game called What the Fog. It follows a couple of survivors from Dead by Daylight after they are sucked into a magical board game. I went hands-on with What the Fog ahead of its announcement and enjoyed the core game loop of platforming around and fighting enemies for blood points that I used to power up generators so I could escape each level. What the Fog is available for PC now for $5 on Steam or free for players that have a Behaviour account.

Behaviour says “nothing is stopping them” from bringing What the Fog to consoles, but it doesn’t have plans for it at this time. Regardless, it’s clear that the wider Dead by Daylight universe is greatly expanding and isn’t just confined to one game anymore.

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