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How to get the Party Starter in Dead Island 2

Some quests in Dead Island 2 are straightforward, while others are a bit more obtuse. Lost and Found quests tend to fall in the latter category, with ones that reward you with a Legendary weapon often being the trickiest. Similar to the Resurrect the Rex quest, the Drunk and Disorderly quest will have you stumbling all over HELL-A trying to solve it. If you're ready to get the party started, what better weapon to do it with than the Party Starter? Here's how to finish this dizzying quest.




30 minutes

What You Need

  • Reach Ocean Avenue

A note on a bloody bathroom floor.
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How to get the Party Starter weapon

After getting to the Ocean Avenue hub, you will need to begin the Drunk and Disorderly Lost and Found quest to start your march to this Legendary weapon.

Step 1: Go to the first-floor bathroom marked "Staff Only" in the Serling Hotel.

Step 2: Kill the zombie inside and retrieve the note called "Dudes Who Chug" to begin the quest.

Step 3: Fast travel to the Blue Crab HQ in Venice Beach and go right down the street to Rose's Tattoos on the corner.

A map showing a tattoo parlor location.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Step 4: Go inside and kill the zombie named Grant. Pick up the next journal he drops.

Step 5: The next stop you need to make is at Green Gang.

Step 6: This can be found north of your current location, almost at the top of the map.

A map showing a weed store location.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Step 7: Outside the store, find a broken shutter that a zombie named Cole will crawl out of.

Step 8: Pick up the next clue he drops that points you toward Pier Grill.

Step 9: Fast travel over to Santa Monica Pier.

Step 10: Go to the Pier Grill restaurant and find the next journal on a bloody table outside.

A map of a pier.
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Step 11: You should be attacked by several zombies, including one named Jordan.

Step 12: Defeat Jordan and collect his car keys.

Step 13: Take those keys all the way back to Ocean Avenue and go to the mall.

Step 14: Go inside the parking garage and check the first parking spot on the left for a white car.

Step 15: Use Jordan's keys to pop open the trunk and you can finally get the Party Starter!

The Party Starter is a unique brass knuckle weapon. It deals fire damage, has higher impact damage at the cost of lower speed, gives a buff to your fire resistance when you knock down or kill a zombie, and every kill gives you a damage recharge boost to heavy strikes.

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