Dead Rising Film “Zombrex Dead Rising Sun” Has Release Dates

dead rising film zombrex sun has release datesEven though Capcom’s Dead Rising 2 has been delayed until September 28, a movie that takes place between the original game and the upcoming sequel is still on target to release next month.

Gamepsot is reporting that the movie Zombrex Dead Rising Sun will be broken into eight parts, the first three to debut on XBL on August 4. The movie will release two episodes on August 11, and two more on August 18 before a final episode airs on August 25. All eight episodes will be available at no cost.

Each episode will have a one week exclusive run on XBL before being released on the movie’s official website. No word on whether or not the movie will reach the PlayStation Network even though the game is scheduled for release on Xbox 360, PC, and the PlayStation 3.

Filmed on a shoestring budget by Capcom’s global head of research, Keiji Inafune, the movie focuses on “Zombrex”, a drug that can suppress the zombie outbreak in people and will play a major part in the second game. Then… well, there are zombies, and they want to eat people. Beyond that, if you really need a detailed plot to hang your hopes on for this movie, then this might be the film for you.

The episodes will debut on XBL on:

August 4 – Episodes 1, 2, and 3

August 11 – Episodes 4 and 5

August 18 – Episodes 6 and 7

August 25 – Episode 8