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Deleted epilogue scene shown at The Last of Us: One Night Live event

latest draft last us movie script done table read actors of joel and ellie
The Last of Us: One Night Live event, a theatrically performed version of the game, took place on the evening of July 28 in Los Angeles. If you haven’t played through Naughty Dog’s 2013 award-winner, you may want to stop reading right here to avoid spoilers.

Still here? Good. In addition to a staged reading of the game’s cutscenes featuring all of the original voice actors (minus the whole “David” sequence and his actor– no spoilers), attendees were also shown a previously unseen epilogue written by the game’s writer and co-director Neil Druckmann. You can see most of the event in the video below, but the epilogue wasn’t actually filmed.

The performance was streamed on Twitch, and it’s a good watch for those familiar with the game’s story. There are too many gaps between each scene for it to make total sense to those that haven’t played, though.

What fans didn’t anticipate was Druckmann revealing an epilogue scene that had been written, but was ultimately cut from the game. He asked that no one record the scene, which features Joel and Ellie some time after the events of the game, and added that this coda was meant as a “goodbye” to the game’s main characters.

Some of the details gleaned from descriptions of the scene on NeoGAF conflict, but all speak of a scene in which Joel tells Ellie that Tommy is trying to set him up with a woman named Esther, while Ellie acts distant towards Joel. To break the tension, Joel brings out a gift for Ellie, a guitar. He plays her a song (the lyrics for which reportedly relate to the journey he and Ellie shared), cracks a joke, and hands Ellie the guitar before leaving. She strums it once, and the scene ends.

The live event isn’t the only piece of news for The Last of Us this week, as Comic Con International in San Diego brought the news that Sam Raimi is producing the planned live-action film, and that they’ve spoken to Game of Thrones‘ Maisie Williams about the Ellie role. This influx of press coincides with the release of The Last of Us Remastered, the PlayStation 4 version of the game, which hits store shelves July 29. We just finished up a review of this new version of the game; read it here.

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