‘Destiny 2’ rumors and news – everything we know so far

'Destiny 2' will reportedly get first DLC in December

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New mission types

In addition to the story missions, strikes, and raids introduced in the original Destiny, the sequel also includes a few new mission types to help make exploring regions more interesting.

“Adventures” are bite-sized missions — you can complete them in around 15 minutes — and unlike the patrols seen in the first game, they include story content and dialogue, as well as “new mechanics,” according world director Steve Cotton in an interview with Glixel. You’ll be able to interact with non-player characters while you’re exploring the open world in order to start one, and the stories in the missions will provide more backstory and context for characters’ motivations in the campaign.

“Lost Sectors,” meanwhile, are missions hidden inside caves that appear to be tiny at first glance. Once you explore the inside, however, these cave systems will open up and reveal an enormous playable area along with a boss and chest with valuable equipment. To find these missions, players will have to spot a symbol painted on the side of a wall, which indicates that a Lost Sector is close.

Lastly, you’ll be able to take part in “World Quests,” which are larger, multi-part missions that you’ll be able to start by exploring the open world. The first of these shown focused on the new character “Failsafe,” and delves into her backstory and status as the lone survivor of a crashed ship. They’ll be around the same length as other mission types, but you’ll be able to complete addition World Quests once you’ve completed the campaign, according to rituals and programming lead Rob Engeln in an interview with IGN.

No more Grimoire cards

Much of the original Destiny‘s lore and exposition was hidden away in “Grimoire cards,” an unlockable compendium of lore and background information only accessible through the game’s official website. While many fans have fallen in love Destiny’s lore, offloading that information to a website made investing in the game a bit of a chore. Bungie seems to have recognized this, as it announced that there will be no Grimoire cards in Destiny 2.

Speaking to Forbes, Bungie World Lead Steve Cotton said that the studio wanted “to put the lore in the game,” and that the entire story would be told through a mix of campaign missions, open-world “adventures,” scannable objects, and non-player character conversations.

The beta gave a taste of what’s to come

Just like with the original Destiny, which ran a beta test in July 2014 before the full game launched in September, Destiny 2 ran a beta, made available first to those who pre-ordered the game on console in July.

It featured content across all three of Destiny 2‘s main modes. After completing the first campaign mission, players could take part in the “Inverted Spire,” a difficult strike that took Guardians deep underground and across vast canyons. In addition to that, players could also try out the competitive multiplayer Crucible mode. The standard “Control” game type was playable, pitting teams of four against each other as they tried to capture three points on the map “Endless Vale”

The other included game mode, “Countdown,” plays more like Rainbow Six Siege. Each round, teams attempt to defuse or detonate an explosive, and the mode features no respawning. Typically, these matches end in one team being eliminated without anyone interacting with the bomb. The map seen in the beta was “Midtown.”

The beta began on July 18 at 10 a.m. PT for those who pre-ordered Destiny 2 on the PS4 before coming to the general public on PS4 and Xbox One a few days later. The PC beta ran from August 29 through August 31, with early access beginning on August 28 for pre-orders.

Powerful new abilities

Though not all subclasses seen in the original Destiny will be making the leap to Destiny 2 (we’ve heard the “defender” will not be returning) a number of new “super” abilities will give Guardians new ways to take the fight to the Cabal.

During a look at the game’s first campaign mission, “Homecoming,” we see a Guardian use a new “Dawnblade,” which appears to launch firebolts at targets on the ground, and the “Arcstrider” staff, which allows players to momentarily become a martial arts master and take out enemies with lightning-fast precision.

Better in-game coordination

Destiny didn’t include a system for clans, instead forcing players to communicate outside of the game in order to coordinate for raids, strikes, and other events. Destiny 2 will feature a full clan system, including a roster, that will allow for players to quickly team up and take on end-game content, which includes a new strike and raid. In addition to the rewards earned for those actively participating in the events, completing activities will also earn special rewards for every member of a particular clan, even if they weren’t playing at the time.

If you aren’t the type of player to join a clan, you’ll still be able to participate in endgame content. “Guided game” is a new tool in Destiny 2 that will allow clans missing one or two people to quickly find solo players willing to participate. This system was designed not just to help lone wolves who want to see the coolest raids the game has to offer, but also clans that see one of their players bail at the last minute. Solo players can even join which particular clan they’d like to play with, raising the chance that they’ll be matched with skilled Guardians.

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