Here’s your guide to conquering Destiny’s moon raid, Crota’s End

Destiny Crota guide
Destiny‘s first expansion, The Dark Below, introduced the game’s second six-player raid: Crota’s End. Set deep below the surface of the Moon, players face armies of Hive in the pitch-black darkness as they fight and puzzle their way to the chamber of the warrior-god Crota, son of Oryx.

Much like the Vault of Glass that shipped with Destiny, Crota’s End is equal parts firefight gauntlet and brain teaser. Problem-solving is just as important as raw firepower, and we strongly recommend that you and your assembled group of raiders try to tackle Crota without assistance your first time through. It’s much more fun that way.

That said, there’s nothing wrong with seeking out a little help. And for those who have beaten it, there’s still value in working to improve your strategies. While Crota’s End could take 10 or more hours to solve, it’s possible to power through the thing in as little as 30 minutes with the right team, where everyone knows what they’re doing.

We’re here to help. Read on for a full rundown of each section of the raid, complete with solutions to the assorted puzzles and tips for tackling every combat challenge.

Hard mode tips: For anyone tackling hard mode, it’s practically vital that every person in your fireteam is at level 32. All of the enemies in hard mode are level 33, so the damage boost they enjoy and damage penalty you suffer from is hard to account for when there’s even a single 31 in the party. That’s not to say the raid can’t be beaten with anything less than six 32s; it’s just a whole lot more difficult.

Also, just like the Vault of Glass hard mode, there are no revives throughout the entire raid. Downed party members come back to life if the rest of the fireteam makes it to a checkpoint, and the Warlock Sunsinger’s ability to resurrect him/herself makes it possible to cheat no-revive deaths. Other than that, no revives.

Diving down into Crota’s Netherworld

There’s nothing challenging at all about starting the raid. We’re mainly including this here for the sake of giving you a complete picture of how Crota’s End plays out.

When you first spawn into a new playthrough, you’re on the surface of the Moon at the precipice of a cliff overlooking the yawning pit known as the Hellmouth. To get started, simply proceed down the hill and stand on the circular plate near the edge of the cliff. This causes a platform to slowly materialize right in front of you, extending out above the Hellmouth. Once it’s fully formed, follow the path to the end and drop through the circular opening on the floor of the platform.

A few tips before you start. Try to get as many people in your group up to level 30 as you can before you even attempt this raid. Level 30 is the difficulty rating for Crota’s End on normal, and the final sections of the raid involve facing off against level 31s and 32s. It’s also a good idea to go in with your best gear equipped. Just like the Vault, there’s no XP to be earned in Crota’s End, just loot. So don’t worry about leveling your stuff up here.

That’s it. Welcome to Crota’s End. It gets much tougher from here.

Hard mode tips: Nothing special here. Just jump in the hole.


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