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Rejoice! The Sparrow Racing League returns in 'Destiny: Rise of Iron'

Destiny: Rise of Iron, the science-fiction shooter’s second major expansion, looks to build on the success of The Taken King with new story content, a new raid, and “Devil Splicer” enemies, but a feature that was just briefly available in the game last year will be making its return, as well.

The Sparrow Racing League, a multiplayer option that launched for a limited time in 2015, was largely hailed as a nice change of pace for the otherwise combat-heavy game, though its $10 “record book” transaction drew criticism. It’s unclear if this item will also be for sale in Rise of Iron, but don’t expect to be getting the exact same racing experience that was offered in 2015.

“When we talk about [Sparrow Racing League] coming back, it’ll probably be wrapped in a different style, not just focused around [the Sparrow Racing League itself], live team director Jerry Hook told Game Informer.

Artifact items will also be undergoing what Game Informer calls a “dramatic overhaul.” Previously, these items were tied to the game’s three classes — Hunter, Titan, and Warlock — but this won’t be the case for Artifacts in Rise of Iron. Instead, the items will be “class agnostic,” focusing on different Iron Lords and their individual abilities. Completing quests for new character Tyra Karn will net you an item that can be exchanged for one of three available Artifacts.

Destiny: Rise of Iron hits Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on September 20, and centers on the Earth’s “Plaguelands” location. Pre-ordering the expansion will give you access to the “Iron Gjallarhorn” weapon, as well.

Rise of Iron will not be available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 — in fact, those platforms recently received their final content updates for the game. Emergency patches may still be issued, however, and the game’s multiplayer component will remain available.

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