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Destiny: The Taken King director apologizes for Collector’s Edition controversy

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Fans of Bungie’s massively multiplayer loot shooter Destiny were in an uproar last week after it came to light that content included in the Collector’s Edition of upcoming expansion The Taken King wouldn’t be available to those who already owned the game. Basically, if players wanted the extras, they would have to pay $80 for them and buy a game they already own.

Luke Smith, creative director for Destiny: The Taken King defended the decision in an interview with Eurogamer, and this only fanned the flames further. Now it seems that the company finally wants to make things right with fans.

“Reading my interview with Eurogamer and imagining it came from some random developer of a game I love – that random developer looks like an Asshat,” Smith wrote in the latest Bungie Weekly Update. “But that Asshat was me — and those words rightfully anger you.”

The update stresses that Bungie is “working hard to fix what’s wrong with the Collector’s Editions for The Taken King.” The first item on the agenda is essentially what fans were asking for all along: the content that was originally exclusive to the Collector’s Editions will now be sold separately as a $20 upgrade bundle.

This content consists of three class-specific emotes, three armor shaders, and perhaps most importantly, three Exotic Class Items that provide the player with an XP bonus.

Players who own the original game and both expansions will also get a few Year One VIP reward items, but it seems that for fans who have been with Destiny from the beginning, Bungie has more planned. “If you purchased the existing Digital Collector’s Edition, and you already owned Destiny and both expansion packs, we’ll have some additional information for you soon,” Smith writes.

Both the Collector’s Editions and the separate upgrade bundle will be released on September 15, the same day that Destiny: The Taken King hits stores.

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