Top 5 tips for taking on “Destiny: The Taken King”

This fall is a proverbial windfall of new titles for the video game community and at the top of the heap is the return of Bungie’s popular MMO space-shooter Destiny. Following the release of the game’s latest expansion, The Taken King, many fans are quickly doing everything they can to become the best of the best, whether they’re warlock, titan or hunter. While there’s so much to do in the world of Destiny, having a little guidance from your ghost, or rather anyone nearby is always handy.

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In this video, avid gamer and Destiny player Joshua Smith shares his personal top five tips for getting ahead in the latest Destiny title. Find out what’s best for leveling up, gaining light and so much more in this quick and informational video. Utilize these five tips and enemies will be praying for you to stay in orbit!

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