Bungie gives Destiny fans a look at the weapons in upcoming expansion, The Taken King

Destiny: The Taken King Omolon Sniper

Officially announced at this year’s E3 and leaked shortly beforehand, Destiny‘s latest expansion, titled The Taken King is getting closer to its release date. While fans may still feel the sting from the Collector’s Edition debacle, Bungie wants to remind fans what really matters: guns.

“At its heart, Destiny is a shooter. You want to journey to the stars and reclaim your lost worlds from hostile takeover? A Guardian can’t solve every problem with space magic. You’ll need guns,” Bungie community manager “DeeJ” (aka David Daque) wrote in the latest Bungie Weekly Update. “The Taken King features the largest armory any Guardian has ever seen, and that includes the original launch of the game last year.”

The post focuses on weapons from in-game manufacturers Hakke, Omolon, and Suros, and is heavy on the lore, if that’s your sort of thing. The post hints, however, that there are plenty more weapons left for players to discover on their own in The Taken King.

“There will be more choices than ever to arm yourself in the Tower. Factions will have their own guns,” DeeJ writes. “Classes will have their own guns. More Quests will lead you directly to specific guns. Even the Gunsmith will have a new way to include you in his enterprise.”

If you’re looking for a way to kill the time between now and The Taken King‘s release, you might want to take a look at Trials of Osiris this weekend. Instead of a single featured map, as is usually the case, Bungie is setting the playlist to “random,” featuring all six Trials maps. This is happening this weekend only, so you might want to clear your schedule.

The Taken King launches on September 15 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, and starts at $40. If you’re new to Destiny and want to jump in now, the Collector’s Edition packages The Taken King with the base game and all existing expansions for $80.

For a closer look at all of the weapons, in-game lore included, see the Weekly Update post on Bungie’s website.