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‘Destiny’ dropping support for legacy consoles with release of ‘Rise of Iron’

destiny to drop support for legacy consoles destinyriseofiron
Destiny creator Bungie announced its plans to abandon support for “legacy consoles” this week, warning players that, starting in August, all future updates and expansions will only be available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

As part of thes announcement, Bungie revealed that Destiny‘s upcoming Rise of Iron expansion will not be released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

“All updates, content, and events related to Destiny: Rise of Iron will be unavailable on legacy consoles,” Bungie explained in a recent blog post. “To access Destiny: Rise of Iron, legacy console players will need to upgrade from their legacy console and purchase Destiny: Rise of Iron once it is released.”

Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 ports of Bungie’s online multiplayer first-person shooter Destiny premiered alongside Xbox One and PlayStation 4 editions in 2014, and a reissued retail version featuring The Taken King expansion hit all four consoles last year. To date, the majority of Destiny‘s features and expanded content was available to all players, regardless of their console of choice.

Starting in August, however, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 players will be unable to access many of Destiny‘s online events, including the Trials of Osiris weekly activity and the Iron Banner Crucible event. Live Events such as the Festival of the Lost, Crimson Days, and the Sparrow Racing League will also be discontinued for legacy consoles.

Destiny events and online features that will still be accessible for legacy console players in August include Heroic Missions and Strikes, Daily and Weekly Crucible Challenges, Raids and Boss Challenges, Prison of Elders and Challenge of Elders events, and Armsday Orders and Test Weapons missions.

Agent of the Nine Xur will also offer different items for sale, depending on the player’s preferred console. Starting in August, Xur will no longer sell exotic weapons and armor to legacy console players. Items such as Engrams, Vehicle Upgrades, and Motes of Light will continue to be sold across all platforms.

Destiny‘s next major expansion, Rise of Iron, will be priced at $30 when it launches digitally for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 20.

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