Master the latest raid in ‘Destiny’ with our guide to Wrath of the Machine

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It’s time to grab your five closest friends and dive into Destiny‘s newest raid, ‘Wrath of the Machine’. But like every raid that came before it, ‘Wrath of the Machine’ is a lengthy, confusing series of battles, with nothing but your wits to help you survive and defeat its huge, intricate bosses. Well, your wits and this guide, that is.

We’ve got all the information you need to work your way through the Splicers’ inner sanctum to take down Aksis and Archon Prime, and earn yourself the game’s best nanomachine-infused weapons and gear. Without further adieu, here’s everything you need to beat the Rise of Iron raid, and find all its hidden goodies along the way.

What to bring

When decking out for ‘Wrath of the Machine’, you’ll want all your highest-level gear. Being mid-360s is recommended at the least, because the battles are tough — namely because of the swarms of minions that infest every fight. You’ll need strong players with good weapons to take them down as quickly as possible.

So if you have a high-level sword or rocket launcher, pack it, as well as a strong sniper rifle or fusion rifle. It’s rare that you’ll be in very close quarters with any enemies, though. Auto rifles will actually feel disadvantaged a lot of the time, as you’ll have the opportunity to take out enemies at range, and rifles that lack long-range accuracy aren’t very helpful (particularly in the final fight).

Hunters with Nightstalker and Warlocks with Stormcaller are particularly useful for their crowd-controlling abilities. For Titans, Ward of Dawn with Weapons of Light is useful for both protection and damage boosts. In general, though, keep weapons that will let you quickly deal a lot of damage — especially those that receive bonuses for Fallen enemies — to hit bosses at key moments, and focus the rest of your equipment on surviving and eliminating smaller enemies. The good news is that none of the battles are particularly heavy on things such as jumping or sprinting, so unlike in past raids, stats such as Agility are much less important. This is much more of a straight fight.

Getting in

The first thing you’ll do when headed into the ‘Wrath of the Machine’ raid is get the door open. Trying to stop you from doing that is Archpriest Vosik, a giant, irritating Fallen boss you can’t actually damage during this battle. Keep an eye on him– and his constant barrage of artillery fire — but don’t bother shooting at him.

Instead, focus on running around the series of glowing, white columns. Scattered around the battlefield are three metal spires, or generators, that you’ll have to power up. To do that, you need to run around the battlefield, passing through the white columns to accumulate charge on your body. Once you start pulling in the charge, though, you’re on a timer. If you spend longer than 15 seconds with the charge on your body without passing through another pillar, you’ll end up dead.


Split into three teams, with two Guardians holding down each generator. One person is the runner, who goes sprinting around the battlefield accumulating charge. You’ll need to hit four pillars and then head to a generator to discharge. Your aim is to charge up the generators four times.

While you’re doing that, you’ll have to fight several big Shanks like the one at the end of the S.A.B.R.E. These guys appear periodically and try to steal charge from the generators, so whoever’s not doing the running needs to focus on clearing enemies, specifically the shanks.

When you’ve charged the generators enough, they’ll start to produce SIVA bombs. Snag them off the ground and heave them at the boss as fast as you can. When enough bombs hit him, you’ll knock out Vosik’s shield, leaving him vulnerable to damage. Keep hammering away with bombs until you don’t have any more — they do serious damage — and then switch to your guns. Pour on the damage until his shield comes back up. Once that happens, repeat the process of charging the generators until you get more bombs, and hit him again. When you’ve done enough damage, Vosik will flee into the giant servitor above you, and you can climb up to follow him in.

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