‘Deus Ex: The Fall’ teasers hint at big game reveal

deus exDeus Ex: Human Revolution may get a sequel titled Deus Ex: The Fall, as Eidos Montreal today released dropped several hints that a big announcement is coming tomorrow, June 5.

“Are YOU ready for The Fall?” asked a tweet from the studio’s official Twitter. In addition, a seven-second video titled “Deus Ex: The Fall” appeared on the official Deus Ex Youtube channel. The video features a logo and the date June 5. The same footage was posted to Vine.

“The Fall” was rumored in March to be the name of the next Deus Ex game when internet sleuth Superannuation discovered that publisher Square Enix had registered various domain names for something with that title, as Polygon points out. Another domain, for something called “Deus Ex: Human Defiance,” is thought to point toward a possible name for the Deus Ex movie.

If a sequel to Deus Ex: HR is announced tomorrow, it won’t be the last big game to be revealed in the coming weeks. With E3 right around the corner expect plenty of big announcements coming our way.