Diablo 3 Demon Hunter cinematic trailer unveiled

diablo 3 demon hunter cinematic trailer unveiled

Although this year’s Blizzcon was big on festivities but slim on actual jaw dropping information, there were a few gems. You can criticize Blizzard for a lot of things, but you have to hand it to them on at least one count—they make very pretty trailers. They look awesome, and they tend to do an excellent job of hitting just the right notes to appeal to the fan base. Check out the recently released World of Warcraft: Cataclysm cinematic intro if you need proof. Joining the pantheon of awesome trailers from Blizzard is a new clip for Diablo III, which introduces the newly unveiled fifth and final character class, the demon hunters, who are apparently sexy, crossbow wielding ninjas.

Blizzard is taking its time with Diablo III, just as it did with StarCraft II. After all, it has only been ten years since Diablo II was released, and they have been in development on Diablo III since 2001—so at least they are not rushing into it. When it does finally hit stores, it should feel familiar to fans of the series in terms of gameplay, but beyond that there have been some significant changes.

Among the character classes, only the Barbarian class is returning from the previous game. Joining them are: the Witch Doctors, the Wizards, the Monks, and the Demon Hunters, which was just announced at Blizzcon. All five classes will have a male and female form

The plot takes place in the world of Sanctuary twenty years after to the events of Diablo II, when a group of heroes saved the world—at a cost. The majority of the heroes involved in the battles of the previous game have gone mad, and a new generation of heroes have stepped up to defend Sanctuary.

While we still don’t know when Diablo III is due out except for a vague next year-ish timetable, it has been announced that Diablo III will be available for both PC and Mac.