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Diablo 4: all Stronghold locations

The Diablo series is famous for popularizing the Action RPG dungeon crawler. Really kicking off with the second game, that formula of building up your character, running deadly dungeons for loot, and doing it all again at higher difficulties is what many people come to these games for. Diablo 4 offers the largest variety of challenge yet. You have a lengthy main quest across multiple acts, optional dungeons, and random World Events, but the Strongholds are the first real taste of that endgame challenge. These difficult trials shower anyone both strong and smart enough to overcome them with plenty of rewards, but you need to find them first. Sanctuary has never been so large, so here’s all the Stronghold locations in Diablo 4.

All Stronghold locations

An adventuring party approaches a dungeon door in Diablo 4.

Each of the five main regions in Diablo 4 has three Strongholds to find, for a total of 15. Regions in this game are massive, so unless you’re willing to comb over every area, knowing where to look will make finding these Strongholds much easier. Once you beat a Stronghold, which typically requires you to defeat all the enemies, solve a puzzle, and/or defeat a tough mini-boss, most will transform into a settlement you can use as a Waypoint. Unlike all the other main content in Diablo 4, Strongholds don’t scale to your level, but to a few levels above your current power, making them always challenging no matter when you attempt them.

Fractured Peaks Strongholds

Nostrava: On the southwestern side of the map, you can reach it by going out the northwestern exit of Kyovashad and heading through The Pallid Glade. It is south of Camp Trenchfoot.

Kor Dragan: This is far north from Kyovashad up through Sarkova Pass. You’ll know you’re close when you pass through Western Highways.

Malnok: Due directly east from Kyovashad, you will need to detour either north or south when you hit the Lonely Drifts and circle in to Malnok from above or below.

Dry Steppes Strongholds

Ruins of Qara-Yisu: The closest Waypoint would be the Hidden Overlook. Go directly south from there into The Accursed Wastes, but east of The Forgotten Wastes, to find it.

Temple of Rot: From the Jirandai Waypoint, it’s a straight shot north directly to this Stronghold.

The Onyx Watchtower: Warp to Fate’s Retreat and head west through Khargai Crags. Keep heading toward the center of the zone to hit the watchtower.

Scosglen Strongholds

Hope’s Light: Being at the northernmost tip of the map, you won’t have trouble finding this Stronghold. The closest Waypoint is Marowen, from which you follow the coast up north through The Cursed Scarps.

Tur Dala: At the far east end of the Deep Forest, you can get to this Stronghold by following the main road heading east from Firebreak Manor.

Moordaine Lodge: This one is very far off the beaten path. Your closest Waypoint is Corbach in Strand, where you will go east through The Strandflats.

Kehjistan Strongholds

Altar of Ruin: This is a slightly annoying one to get to, but if you’ve made it through the Ragged Coastline and unlocked the Iron Wolves Encampment Waypoint, all you need to do is continue north past the Scorching Dunes to spot it.

Alcarnus: Conveniently straight west from the Altar of Ruin, bit also just a bit northeast of Tarsarak, this is an easy Stronghold to reach.

Omath’s Redoubt: Just outside of Denshar, head along the eastern path straight to this one.

Hawezar Strongholds

Eriman’s Pyre: At the far north of this region, it is between The Writhing Mire and Wejinhani Waypoints.

Vyeresz: Just to the north of the Toxic Fens, there isn’t a particularly close Waypoint, but going directly south from Ruins of Rakhat Keep will take you right to it.

Crusaders’ Monument: Simply zip over to Zarbinzet and go north to hit this Stronghold.

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