Don’t expect to see the Mario Bros. in Wreck-It Ralph

dont expect to see the mario bros in wreck it ralph nomariobros

When it was first revealed that Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph would feature a host of video game icons, we all assumed this meant a few minor characters would see cameo appearances. Maybe a few of the enemies from Disney’s Genesis classic Castle Of Illusion or one of the bosses from the Kingdom Hearts series; y’know, video game characters with an existing Disney connection who wouldn’t be too terribly expensive for the House Of Mouse.

Then Disney released the film’s first official trailer, and our initial hopes were smashed, only to be replaced with giddy excitement over seeing such genuinely important, iconic gaming figures like Pac-Man’s ghosts, Street Fighter’s resident bear wrestler Zangief and the most famous final boss in gaming, Super Mario Bros.’ Bowser. If Disney was willing to shell out the cash to score big name characters like this, who else would the film feature, we wondered. Master Chief? Chun-Li? That awesome red dude from Gunstar Heroes?

While we’re still waiting for further word on the movie’s full list of classic gaming characters, we have received a bit of depressing news on who won’t be in the film: the most famous duo in the history of video games, Nintendo’s Mario Bros.

Speaking at the San Diego Comic Con, Wreck-It Ralph director Rich Moore told Vulture that though Disney asked Nintendo if it could use Mario in the film, the company vetoed the idea. “… and his brother wanted more money,” Moore added, referring to Luigi, the less famous, more verdant of the brothers Mario.

In an effort to counter this sad news however, Moore offered word that dubstep figurehead Skrillex has agreed to create a theme song for the movie’s fictional first-person shooter. Think of it as a modern callback to Trent Reznor’s work on the DOOM soundtrack, only far more likely to enrage anyone who thinks it’s super cool that Reznor was involved with id Software’s seminal shooter.

Whether you’re keen on Skrillex’s involvement with Wreck-It Ralph likely depends on your feelings about dubstep music as a whole. That news about the Mario siblings howeve, is a bummer for pretty much everyone. No characters more readily serve as symbols for video games as a whole than Mario and Luigi, and while the surprisingly large swath of famous characters Disney has assembled for Wreck-It Ralph is both surprising and impressive, landing cameos from the Mario Bros. would have been a huge coup for the studio.

Still, this news does offer a glimmer of hope that Wreck-It Ralph may feature other famous Nintendo icons that have yet to be revealed. You’ll notice that Moore said nothing about The Legend Of Zelda’s Link or Metroid’s Samus Aran. The appearance of either would be quite impressive for any gaming fans watching the film, so let’s keep our collective fingers crossed that Nintendo hasn’t deemed any of its other famous icons as off limits for the movie.