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All Doom Eternal cheat codes and where to find them

Doom Eternal has a lot of collectibles scattered throughout its levels, despite being a fairly linear shooter. Cheat codes are easily the most entertaining of the bunch, though. Doom Eternal cheat codes let you do everything from gain infinite ammo to hear the roar of QuakeCon while you’re playing, and in this guide, we’re going to show you how to find all of them.

There are 14 cheat codes total, 11 of which are scattered throughout the levels. Another two are located in the Fortress of Doom, and the final cheat code is unlocked by fully upgrading your Praetor suit. If you’re going for all the collectibles in Doom Eternalmake sure to go after the cheat codes first. Enabling a select few will make replaying levels infinitely easier.

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Infinite Extra Lives

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Description: Gain infinite extra lives.

The Infinite Extra Lives cheat code is in the Hell on Earth mission, toward the end. Continue through the mission until you reach the subway. From there, follow the path until you fight the second tentacle demon (the monsters that come suddenly out of the ground). Opposite the second demon, you’ll find a crate. Jump on top of it, then follow the path to find the cheat code.


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Description: Gain Sentinel Armor for the whole mission.

The IDDQD cheat code comes about halfway through the second mission in Doom Eternal, Cultist Base. Follow the main path until you pick up the Super Shotgun. Shortly after, you’ll arrive at an arena with a bunch of cages that you have to punch open. Do so, and deal with the enemies inside. After that, use one of the bars on either side of the cage to swing up to a platform in the center. There, you’ll find the cheat code.

All Runes

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Description: All runes unlocked.

Probably the easiest cheat code to find, you can pick up the All Rune cheat code in the Fortress of Doom. From the spawn location, head to the attached tower on your left. You’ll need to spend some Sentinel Batteries to unlock it. Inside, you’ll find a big hole in the wall. Jump out of it, and shortly before the bottom, dash in to reach a ledge. You’ll find the cheat code in the hidden room.

Infinite Ammo

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Description: All weapons have infinite ammo.

The Infinite Ammo cheat code is fairly easy to find. In the Super Gore Nest level, continue forward until you reach the second big fight around a gore nest. Clear the enemies out and head to the right side of the nest (when facing from the entrance). You’ll find a small, beige circle toward the button. Jump toward it and dash at the last minute to break the wall. Inside, you’ll find this cheat code.


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Description: All weapons are unlocked and mastered, and all equipment is unlocked.

Late in the Arc Complex level, you’ll need to jump from a window, swing from a bar, and land in a window across the street. This is right after a large battle near the level’s Slayer Gate. After landing, you’ll see a large hole in the floor, with the cheat code very obviously displayed. Drop down to grab it.

Powerup Mode: Infinite Onslaught

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Description: Activates quad damage for the whole mission.

Late in the Mars Core mission, you’ll need to load yourself into an artillery gun and fly across the map. After you do, continue forward until you reach a room with a ledge and multiple tentacle demons (it’s very shortly after you land). Instead of continuing straight, head to the right and drop through the hole in the floor. You’ll find this cheat code at the bottom.

Silver Bullet Mode

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Description: Staggered enemies immediately die when hit by projectiles, explosions, the Flame Belch, or dashing.

You can find this cheat code in the Doom Hunter Base mission, about halfway through. Follow the main path until you reach a section with intersecting lasers that you need to pass through. Do so, and deal with the enemies on the platform up ahead. After you’re done, press the green skull in to trigger a small cutscene.

There’s a small platforming section that follows next, and at the end, you’ll be asked to make a jump to a high ledge (where the objective marker is). Instead of making the jump, climb up and drop through the hole at the top. You’ll snag the cheat code on the way down.

Fully Upgraded Suit

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Description: Unlocks all of the perks for the Praetor suit.

This one is easier to find than it looks. In the Fortress of Doom, you’ll see this cheat code on a high ledge near the center of the map. You’ll probably spot the cheat code right away. The problem is reaching it.

In the same room, look to the high right side to see several stained glass windows. One of them should have a red target. Shoot it to spawn a jump pad, then take the jump pad up to grab the cheat code.

Powerup Mode: Overdrive

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Description: Activates Haste for the whole mission (increased fire and movement speed).

The Overdrive cheat code is in Taras Nabad, a short way into the level. Continue until you have to solve a puzzle in radioactive water, then continue through the catacombs. At the end, you’ll enter a battle arena with a locked door at the other end, near some BFG ammo. Deal with the demons and continue into the next room. On the left, you’ll see a breakable wall. Break through, and you’ll find this cheat code, as well as a secret gore nest, on the other side.

Famine Mode

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Description: Demons will no longer drop health or armor when they die.

You can find the Famine Mode cheat code in Nekravol (the first part, not the second). Continue through the level until you have to take a cage to a new area. From there, continue on the main path until you reach a large arena with a single rotating spike pillar in the center. Finish the enemies off inside, and use the grips on the wall to activate one of the chains blocking the main door.

Doing so will also open another door, which you have to follow through to progress the level. Deal with the Marauder inside, then wait for a gap in the corpse cage elevator next to the fire. Drop down, and you’ll find this cheat code.

Party Mode

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Description: Whenever you destroy a demon body part or get a headshot, the body part will explode into confetti.

The Party Mode cheat code is one of the few that shows up early in a level. You can find it in Nekravol Part II immediately after the first battle. After dealing with the first large group of enemies, head down the hall, following the objective marker. At the end, you’re supposed to drop down. Instead, jump to a stuck elevator cart to the left, then turn around and look at the wall below where you jumped. There should be a breakable wall there.

Jump down and dash at the last second to break the wall. You’ll find the cheat code inside.

Instant Stagger Mode

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Description: One hit from projectiles, explosions, Flame Belch, or dashing instantly staggers demons. It doesn’t work on bosses.

The Instant Stagger Mode cheat code is also located in Nekravol Part II, at the very end of the level. At the end, you’ll enter an arena where you need to break two titan chains. Break the chains, but don’t continue past that. Instead, turn back around and drop down the elevator shaft where you came up. Turn around immediately after dropping down to spot a small passage with the cheat code.

You’ll die immediately if you fall too far, and respawn at the top, so don’t worry if you don’t get it on your first try.

Powerup Mode: Berserk

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Description: Activates Berserk for the whole mission (10x increase to fist damage). Only works on missions one, two, five, six, and seven.

You can find this cheat code a short way into the last full level, Urdak. Continue through the level until you align the second ring. After, continue out of the control room to the left and look for a small, hidden area to the left. There’s a breakable wall there.

At this point, you should know what to do. Jump, dash at the last second, and the cheat code is yours.

QuakeCon Mode

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Description: Fans cheer you on throughout the mission.

Finally, QuakeCon Mode is easy to find but tough to unlock. You’ll need to fully upgrade your Praetor suit to unlock this code. You can easily upgrade the suit fully during your first playthrough if you’re diligent with tracking down secret areas and finding collectibles.

How to use cheat codes in Doom Eternal

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The “cheat codes” in Doom Eternal aren’t actually cheat codes at all. When you select a level, you can enable any number of cheats you’ve collected for that level. In the mission select screen, press the button next to Cheats on the bottom (on keyboard) to open the cheat menu. Select any cheats you want, or use the Activate All Cheats option, to enable them. Cheats stay in effect until you disable them.

Note that you won’t find this option unless you’ve already unlocked a cheat code.

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