Double Fine raises over $3 million on Kickstarter for new adventure game


After raking in the first million within 24 hours of the announcement of the project on Kickstarter, game developer Double Fine and Tim Schafer have just closed out the funding round on the crowd-sourced fundraising tool and collected exactly $3,336,371 over a 35-day period. The original goal for funding the production of the entire game was only $400,000, but the increased amount of money will allow Double Fine to release the game on more platforms as well as many languages. Originally headed to the PC, the extra money will support Mac, Linux, iOS and Android versions of the game. In addition, Double Fine announced that the game will be offered in a DRM-free version and extra language translations will include French, German, Italian and Spanish.


As the campaign progressed over the 35 days, Double Fine added new rewards such as a hardcover Double Fine Adventure Book that includes “100+ full color pages of concept art, original photos, developer bios, excerpts from the game’s script,” a digital soundtrack of the documentary, Double Fine Adventure “Backer” t-shirts and a boxed version of the game that will use similar packaging to other Schafer productions such as Grim Fandango and Day of the Tentacle

On the Double Fine official news feed, the company posted a screenshot of employees celebrating once the Kickstarter campaign closed out. As mentioned on the blog, a company representative wrote “Holy cow people, I can’t even believe it. I don’t know what to say. Except THANK YOU!! People are mailing in congratulations to us, but I really have to say congratulations to all the backers because you really sent a message around the industry!” According to the post, Double Fine will post information soon regarding the forums that will be setup for the backers in addition to video updates on the progress of the game. Double Fine expects to release the untitled adventure game by October 2012.

After the funding closed out, Schafer posted a couple updates on his Twitter feed to bring attention to game-related projects that are also seeking significant funding on Kickstarter. The first was a sequel to a post-apocalyptic, role-playing game called Wasteland that was released in 1988. The game was set during the 21st century after the United States and the Soviet Union broke out into a destructive nuclear war. The player controled a group of “Desert Rangers” that explored the barren wasteland within the southwest United States.

wastelandSince the original provided the inspiration for the extremely popular Fallout series, the sequel has already collected over $450,000 in the first 24 hours on Kickstarter. The structure of the campaign is extremely similar to the Double Fine project and offers a variety of reward levels for interested gamers. The other Kickstarter project mentioned by Schafer was a video game podcast called Idle Thumbs that’s raised over $120,000, four times the initial scope of the project. 

Since Double Fine has proven that a game can be completely financed by fans, other game developers are likely going to flock to the fundraising platform with new projects. Phil Fish, designer of the upcoming XBLA-exclusive release Fez, is contemplating a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a new game that won’t be headed to the Xbox platform according to Joystiq. Since Fish won’t be able to collect revenue from sales of Fez until the game is approved and released on the Xbox 360, he can raise the money required for the new project within a month on Kickstarter rather than wait three to five months to get paid by Microsoft.

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