Double Fine’s ‘Massive Chalice’ closes Kickstarter with $1.2 million

Massive Chalice

The Massive Chalice Kickstarter campaign from Double Fine that kicked off at the end of May 2013 concluded on  June 27 with over $1.2 million raised. That’s close to double its original goal of $750,000.

“We’re almost there!” project lead Brad Muir wrote in an update posted on the Kickstarter page just before the funding campaign concluded. He added an ecstatic smiley face. “If I can get sappy for a moment I’d like to thank each and every one of you for believing in Double Fine.”

“Tim [Schafer] has created a wonderful, crazy place where anyone can get a chance to bring their ideas for games to life. I never dreamed that I would be here, pitching a new game directly to gamers. The faith and trust that you guys have shown in us is completely overwhelming. You’re amazing. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to make another video game.”

Massive Chalice is said to blend XCOM, Final Fantasy TacticsFire Emblem, and Game of Thrones into a strategy game that spans generations of characters as they fend off a demonic invasion. The game reached its funding goal with 23 days still remaining, but contributions slowed after that. This is Double Fine’s second Kickstarter project; the first, for Broken Age, kicked off the Kickstarter trend in video games in mid-2012, raising eight times its original goal and closing at $3,336,371.