EA may partner with Nexon for FIFA Online 3

ea may partner with nexon for fifa online 3 fifaonlne

Nexon was never going to buy Electronic Arts. How could they? Every single cent and piece of property the Maple Story-making company owns would only cover about half the price of EA based on its NASDAQ market cap. $3 billion just doesn’t buy you a Madden NFL publisher. That doesn’t mean that the two companies aren’t looking to work together though. A Thursday report says that Electronic Arts has approached Nexon about becoming a partner for FIFA Online in Asia.

Bloomberg reported that Electronic Arts is interested in using Nexon’s servers and enlisting its developers in South Korea and elsewhere in the greater Asian continent to help with a new version of FIFA Online for the region. According to the report’s source, Nexon’s experience and success with free-to-play, microtransaction-supported games in the region could help EA sell a whole lot more virtual goods like jerseys and player experience points.

The companies are not discussing a potential merger.

EA responded to inquiries about the talks by saying, “We’re extremely pleased with how Korean fans have embraced EA Sports: FIFA Online 2.”

In other words: Of course we’re making FIFA Online 3, but we really want our Korean fans to spend even more money than they do on FIFA Online 2.