EA pushing for Need For Speed movie adaptation

Shit just got real.

Despite its flaws and relatively middling critical reception, EA’s recent Need For Speed: The Run did offer an impressive cinematic trailer courtesy Hollywood’s own living incarnation of pyromaniacal bombast, Transformers director Michael Bay. Say what you will of the man’s low-brow, hyperactive films, but that trailer does an excellent job of selling the game’s concept, demonstrating its gorgeous graphics and enticing players to drop $60 — everything a good trailer ought to do.

So impressed was EA with its collaboration with the celluloid set that the publishing giant is now attempting to pitch the idea of a full-length feature film based on the Need For Speed series. According to The Chicago Tribune, EA has tapped actor/writer/producer John Gatins to develop a pitch based on the nearly 20-year-old series. EA’s plan, the report claims, is to create its own gearhead action franchise, similar to Universal Pictures’ The Fast And The Furious.

Reportedly, the idea is currently being shopped around Hollywood, and insiders claim that Sony, Paramount and Warner Bros. are all interested in bringing this concept to life. “Bids are expected to fall within the low-seven figure range,” the Tribune reports, adding that Paramount is currently the most likely production company to snag the rights to the film adaptation.

As for what the film might be about, that remains a mystery. The series has never been big on plot, instead preferring to focus on fast, gorgeous cars, police pursuit and, more recently, noble criminals and the attractive women who love them. Need For Speed: The Run was the most plot-heavy entry in the line to date, though it remains to be seen if the film adaptation will bear any similarities to that game.

Regardless of how the script pans out, the most important question here is who the studio will hire to sit in the director’s chair. We never believed we would actually type these words, but Michael Bay sounds like the perfect candidate.