EA Releases Dead Space “The Jump” Video

ea releases dead space the jump video dementia preview final

The original Dead Space had was a hit for several reasons.  It had the scare factor, it looked great, and the gameplay was solid.  It also had some jaw-droppingly cool scenes, many of which involved the protagonist, Isaac Clarke, standing in space, fighting through zero-g sections.  Unfortunately those sections were few and far between, but they still stood out.  If you played the original, odds are you remember running on the hull of the USG Ishimura, dodging incoming meteoroids, or walking through a shattered piece of the ship and coming across a view of a moon with a large hole in it.  Not that the whole game wasn’t good, but the zero-g sections really added something to the game.  It seems that EA agrees, and Dead Space 2 will feature several sections in space.

The new trailer, “The Jump”, shows off a few new zero-g functions, including tiny thrusters on Isaac’s suit, as well as a chair designed to propel people into space.  Other than a descent into the infected city of the Sprawl, it isn’t clear exactly what the trailer is showing, but at E3, Dead Space‘s developers did promise more action in space, and discussed one particular section that will see Isaac leave the Sprawl to jump to an orbital power relay, where he must reactivate sections of the besieged city.  That may not be connected to the scene here, but it still sounds very cool.

In the sequel, Isaac wakes up in the Sprawl to discover that the Necromorph infection has turned the city into a growing morgue, filled with the dead and the transformed.  Isaac is also still suffering from the mental effects caused by the marker.  The Unitarian Church is also said to have a bigger role than in the first game, but beyond that details are sparse.

The sequel is due out on January 25 for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.