EA Shedding UK Jobs

dell takes a slice at apple with super thin latitude z dellz closedGame developer Electronic Arts, which very recently spent over $600 million to acquire BioWare and Pandemic Studios, is set to close a facility in England as part of a move to restructure and save $25-30 million a year in costs, according to a report onvnunet.com.   EA was hit by a net loss of $195million in the second quarter of this year, a stark turnaround from the same period in 2006, when it enjoyed anet profit of $22million.   The developer’s lab in Chertsey, Surrey, will be the biggest casualty. In a statement, EA explained it would be “relocating and/or eliminating certain jobpositions, incurring costs in connection with lease and other contract terminations, and incurring IT and consulting costs to assist in the reorganization of business support functions".  It’s a busy time for EA, with 10 new games, including “The Simpsons Game” and “Need for Speed Pro Street” set to hit the shelves before Christmas.