EA swings its mighty ban hammer at Battlefield 3 cheaters, hundreds banned

ea swings its mighty ban hammer at battlefield 3 cheaters hundreds banned screenshots building collapseBeware cheaters, for EA and DICE are looking for you. In a tweet on the official Battlefield page, DICE has confirmed that people deemed to be cheating, specifically boosting their stats by artificial means, will face the wrath of the ban hammer and have their stats wiped.

“This week we’ve banned hundreds of offending accounts and have stats-wiped accounts for exploiting (such as boosting)…” a tweet from DICE stated. A new and nefarious exploit has been found, which allows users to gain thousands of XP points via EOD bots. If you aren’t aware of it, rest peacefully knowing that you are among the righteous and just.

“To report players cheating or boosting send us a direct message to this Twitter with a screen shot of the Battle Log Report,” another tweet read.

The developer is also listening to fans’ complaints about gameplay and taking them into account. One issue that many players have commented on is the imbalance of the tactical light, which can blind enemies even in maps set during the middle of the day. According to Digital Spy, DICE has also claimed that more minor adjustments are on the way, including things like counters to mortar fire and more.

So if you think there is a particular issue with the game, some imbalance with a particular item or weapon, let DICE know, they are listening—and watching.