EA to host live, online Dead Space 2 event today

ea to host live online dead space 2 event today dsDead Space 2 hits stores across the country tomorrow, but if that wait seems too long you can get your fix by heading online and watching the game’s developers discuss the game, show off footage, and then answer questions. There will also be prizes.

EA seems to have an awful lot of faith in this game. While some publishers will push the ads immediately before the launch of a title, EA is putting the Visceral Games developers on the front lines to answer questions from gamers. Now, if you have ever seen gamers’ discussions, this could go one of two ways. On one hand, things might go swimmingly. The questions will be precise and insightful and cut right to the chase.  Of course, far more likely, things could quickly go bad. Very, very bad. Dear god, the horror, the horror… In other words, the questions may range from the thought process that goes behind the creation of the Dead Space universe, to why the game is stupid and the developers suck so hard.  Such is the joy of the anonymity of the internet.

The event itself will also show off the Dead Space game for the iPhone, as well as a new Lurker kill designed by a previous contest winner.

The event starts at 4:30 PST, and can be found online at www.ustream.tv/deadspace. Look for Dead Space 2 to begin selling tonight at midnight, and look for our review of the game tomorrow.