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Eat your way to a limited-edition Xbox One X in new Taco Bell contest

Discover the Limited Edition Platinum Xbox One X Bundle - win exclusively at Taco Bell

If you’re an avid Xbox gamer who loves nothing more than to wolf down a bucket-load of fast food during your lengthy console sessions, then this latest contest from Microsoft and Taco Bell is a no-brainer.

The computer giant is offering U.S.-based gamers the chance to win a limited-edition Xbox One X console with every purchase of a Taco Bell double chalupa box — a calorific $5 meal that consists of a double chalupa, one crunchy taco, a bunch of cinnamon twists, and a medium drink.

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Winners will get their greasy hands on a unique platinum-colored Xbox One X together with an Xbox Elite wireless controller, and three months of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold.

But best of all — well, best of all for Taco Bell fans — the special console will emit the fast-food chain’s famous “bong” sound every time it starts up, guaranteeing you’ll be drooling like Pavlov’s dog at the beginning of every gaming session.

The contest runs from October 18 through November 21, with a console draw taking place every 10 minutes — meaning there are some 5,000 machines up for grabs. But before you go and hit TacoBell for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a bid to increase your chances of bagging the limited-edition device, take note — only 32 entries are allowed per person. That’s one entry per day throughout the duration of the contest.

Also, not all Taco Bell restaurants are participating in the contest, so check in advance if you’re only buying the meal for a chance to win the console.

Participating outlets will include a code on the box of your double chalupa purchase that you then need to text to 72823. After confirming you’re over 18, you’ll receive a notification telling you whether or not you’re a winner. Alternatively, you can submit your code via the competition’s website.

If you feel an unnaturally strong desire to win the limited-edition console (if you’re still reading this, you probably do) but fear your stomach will be unable to cope with so many Taco Bell meals in such a tight time frame, then, yes, you could buy the food for someone else and just take the code. Even better, it’s possible to enter without handing over a single dime. Hit the contest’s rules page and scroll down to “how to obtain a code” to find out more, though keep in mind that the process is more laborious (postcards, stamps, etc.) and is only available until November 12.

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