Elite: Dangerous is coming to Xbox One in 2015, PS4 eventually

Elite: Dangerous is coming to Xbox One later this year, according to Frontier Developments. It will include all current and upcoming content from the Windows version. No specific release date has been given.

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Braben clarified after the announcement was made that the Xbox release is a timed exclusive. Plans are in place to bring the game to Mac OS  and PlayStation 4 as well, but there’s no word on when. Given Sony’s plan to launch the Project Morpheus virtual reality headset in the first half of 2016, and the support Elite: Dangerous already has for Oculus Rift, we could make some educated guesses.

Here’s Braben’s tweet:

Starting with just a few dollars and a small starship, explore and then rise to the top of a full-scale Milky Way galaxy, one of the largest virtual spaces ever created in a game. The original Elite was a seminal open universe space trading simulation from 1984. Dangerous is the third sequel. Co-creator Braben was awarded a Pioneer Award at the 2015 GDC Awards for the first Elite‘s influence, in addition to Dangerous taking home the Audience Award.

Elite: Dangerous came to fruition through a massively successful Kickstarter campaign, the highest successfully completed goal in Kickstarter history at the time. Expanding on the original game’s forward-looking vision, Dangerous leverages modern technology to blow its space simulation up to a monumental scale.

The closest current comparison is EVE Online, but that massive space sim is much more economically focused. The partially-released Star Citizen and upcoming No Man’s Sky also share similarly grand ambitions for creating a truly epic space opera.

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