Embrace the Darkness on October 4

embrace the darkness on october 4 2 announcementIt has been a busy few weeks for 2K Games, Starbreeze Studios and their upcoming title The Darkness II. Last week, a lucky few were treated to a hands-on preview of the game, including the new “quad-wielding” mechanic which allows the use of dual-wielding guns, while still giving you control of both of the Darkness’ tentacles. Check out our preview for more details.

Today brings a small, but vital piece of news about the game—a release date. As with all games, the actual day a game goes on sale is subject to change—just look at…actually, the list is too long to even bother starting in on. But as of right now, The Darkness II is officially set to hit stores on October 4.

To celebrate the news, 2K Games have released a new teaser trailer highlighting the date. The story picks up two years after the events of the first game, which cost the protagonist Jackie Estacado a great deal, but left him in charge of one of New York’s biggest crime families. He has held the power inside of him at bay for two years, but when a new enemy attacks, Jackie lets his freak flag fly and embraces the Darkness once more.