Enter now for a shot at a Starhawk beta code!

enter now for a shot at starhawk beta codeHo ho ho-my golly, we have a lot of stuff to giveaway this season. The giveaways continue, and today we have an offer for the quick. The first 25 people that comment below and tell us their favorite PlayStation game (PSOne, PS2, or PS3) of all time will receive a code that unlocks the beta for next year’s PS3 exclusive, Starhawk.

That’s it, all you have to do is post and we’ll email you off a code this week.

For those that aren’t familiar with the game, thanks for reading this post anyone. We appreciate it. For everyone else, you probably already know the basics. Starhawk is a spiritual successor to the 2007 title Warhawk, but in space. The game takes place on the fringes of the habitable worlds that man has begun to colonize, following an event called The Rush, which transformed miners into violent, territorial creatures known as outcasts.

The game will place a heavy influence on multiplayer, as well as co-op. It is due out as a PS3 exclusive on July 10.