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The Elder Scrolls Online High Isle: How to unlock Ember as a companion

High Isle has brought a bunch of new content to ESO, including the arrival of two new companions – Ember and Isobel. If you’re looking for a reliable character that’ll help get you through some of High Isle’s tricky content, consider unlocking Ember as soon as possible. The Khajiit makes an excellent Mage, dealing significant damage and speeding up most encounters.




20 minutes

When you first meet them, however, Ember isn’t ready to join your party. Here’s how to unlock Ember in ESO and gain them as a companion.

Complete the Tower Full of Trouble quest

In order to unlock Ember as a companion, you’ll need to complete the Tower Full of Trouble quest. Here’s a quick look at how to find the quest and complete it.

Step 1: Head toward the Tor Draioch Wayshrine, located just north of the starting zone in High Isle. An easy way to find it is by crossing the bridge northwest of town and following the road farther north.

Step 2: Once you’ve found the Tor Draioch Wayshrine, talk with Ladlow Menant. They'll be located down the road to the south. In fact, anyone following the main road will run into Menant before reaching the Wayshrine. This will start the Tower Full of Trouble quest.

Step 3: Menant will instruct you to find Ember, located to the north. Follow your quest marker to find them.

Ladlow Menant gesturing wildly with his hands.

Step 4: Continue following the quest markers to restore different Wards. Speak with Ember once this task is complete.

Step 5: The Tower Full of Trouble quest will send you to a few different locations to complete a few different tasks. Continue following your quest markers until you find yourself speaking to Magister Irin in the nearby tower.

Step 6: Talk with Irin, then talk one last time with Ember. She’ll ask to become a companion, giving you the option to summon her during your travels.

How to summon Ember

Summoning Ember works just like every other companion in ESO. If you’re new to the system, here’s how it's done.

Step 1: Open the Main menu and navigate to the Collections tab.

Step 2: Select Allies.

Step 3: Select Companions. This will open a menu with all unlocked and summonable companions.

Ember standing on a stone path.

Who is Ember?

Ember is a Khajiit that excels at using magic. Consider adding them to your roster if you’re a tank or melee fighter, as Ember can deal significant damage from afar. Like all companions, your Rapport with Ember will change based on your actions. Here’s a quick look at some of the actions that will gain Ember’s approval and disapproval.

Disapproval: Fishing, trespassing, stealing

Approval: Mages Guild dailies, Thieves Guild heist without bonus, High Isle daily delve, harvesting runestone, killing wolves/werewolves, pickpocketing a guard

There are plenty of other ways to win Ember’s favor or disapproval — so be sure to perform different in-game actions and see how they react. If you manage to raise your Rapport high enough, you’ll unlock special personal quests (Cold Trail; Cold Blood, Old Pain; Green With Envy). Complete these to earn the Ember’s Companion achievement.

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