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EVE Online is getting a multiplayer shooter spinoff

During EVE Fanfest 2022, CCP Games London revealed that a multiplayer first-person shooter spinoff of the popular MMO EVE Online is in the works. 

The game remains untitled, and details on this new game are still scarce as CCP Games says it “wants to show you rather than tell you how they have evolved this concept.” All it’s saying right now is that the game will be an innovative “online tactical FPS” set in New Eden. So far, just one piece of concept art has been released that features gun-toting soldiers walking through water.

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Soldiers walk through water and wreckage in EVE Online's multiplayer FPS.

As even Gundam is getting in on the multiplayer first-person shooter spinoff craze, it’s not too surprising that EVE Online would follow suit. Hopefully, it emulates the best of the genre while still having a unique EVE Online flair to it. This is actually CCP Games’ third attempt at this concept.

CCP Games released Dust 514 for PS3 in 2013, but that game shut down in 2016. The developer then revealed a shooter called Project Nova before scrapping that project and allowing its London studio to start conceptualizing this current game. Hopefully, this project does not meet the same fate. 

Thankfully, this wasn’t the only thing revealed during EVE Fanfest 2022. We learned that CCP Shanghai is working on a free-to-playx strategy game for mobile that will enter player testing later this year. EVE Online is also getting Microsoft Excel collaboration (yes, really), so keeping track of all of EVE Online’s data will be easier.

CCP Games London’s first-person shooter is still without a release date, but the studio has confirmed that the game is currently ramping up preproduction development. 

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