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Everything we know about Everwild

Everwild is an upcoming title from Rare — the developer behind hits such as Sea of Thieves, Banjo-Kazooie, and Viva Piñata. Many details are still tightly under wraps, but the studio has released a steady stream of information since revealing the new title in 2019.

A few trailers and developer commentaries were more than enough to get fans excited for Rare’s latest project and get rumors swirling around the web. From gameplay and release date to available platforms and multiplayer, here’s everything that’s been confirmed about the ambitious Everwild.

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Everwild info at a glance

Release Date: TBA

Price: TBA

Consoles: PC, Xbox Series X|S

Developer: Rare Limited

Publisher: Xbox Game Studios

Release date

Unfortunately, Rare is yet to set a release date for the highly anticipated project. Analysts are speculating that it might launch this year, while others think it won’t drop until at least 2022. Seeing as the title was first revealed in 2019 — and the latest trailer seems well into development — we’re hopeful that this is the year we’ll see Everwild.

We’re not sure when Rare will step forward to give us a firm release date, but it’s likely something new will be announced sometime this year. We received a trailer in 2019 and another in 2020, so it only makes sense for Rare to continue that annual trend and provide another look at Everwild in 2021 — hopefully with a release date included.

Which consoles is Everwild launching on?

Everwild was long speculated to be an Xbox One exclusive. Things have changed, however, and while it’s still an Xbox exclusive, it’ll be available only on next-gen consoles. As is the case with most Xbox exclusives, you’ll also be able to pick up Everwild on PC. Microsoft acquired Rare in 2002, so it’s unlikely Everwild will see the light of day outside of the Xbox family of consoles. That means — for the time being — Everwild is limited to PC and Xbox Series X|S.

Everwild trailers

Several Everwild trailers have been made available over the years. The first is its reveal trailer from XO19, giving us a cinematic look at its animated world and inhabitants.

Rare then released the Eternals Trailer in 2020, showing off more cinematic gameplay and providing a bit more insight into the game’s narrative.

Finally, there’s the Eternals Trailer – Directors’ Commentary. This offered the same content as the previous trailer but provided in-depth analysis from Executive Producer Louise O’Connor and Art Director Ryan Stevenson. They mostly discuss the art direction of the upcoming title but also share a few interesting tidbits about how the game will play. If you’re curious to learn everything you can about Everwild, we’d recommend giving it a listen.


While the game has been in the public eye since 2019, Everwild‘s gameplay remains an enigma. We do know, however, that you’ll step into the shoes of the Eternals — the playable cast of characters in Everwild. They share a special bond with the animals in their realm, although how they’ll be featured in the moment-to-moment gameplay isn’t clear.

Everwild is clearly focused on the symbiotic relationship between humans and their environment. The Eternals are constantly working with other creatures throughout both trailers. Whether they’re navigating the hazards of a steep mountain range or gathering resources, there’s always a loyal animal by their side.

Not all animals are helpful, however, as the Eternals can be seen protecting a tree from deadly locusts and preparing to battle a ferocious lion-esque behemoth. Everwild is bound to feature some sort of combat gameplay, but Rare isn’t ready to reveal how that system — or any others, for that matter — will work.

No true gameplay footage has been shown off yet, as both trailers were cinematic in nature. While they may have been built using the in-game engine, we don’t see a HUD, an inventory screen, or even a sneak peek at the menu. Even the official description on the Xbox website is vague, only mentioning that “unique and unforgettable experiences await in a natural and magical world.”

Other than those small insights, Everwild is a mystery. Rare frequently posts about Sea of Thieves on Twitter but is reluctant to mention anything about its upcoming title. And with no big gaming conferences on the horizon, we’re not sure when we’ll learn more about the highly anticipated game.


Rare is yet to reveal whether Everwild will include multiplayer. We can take a guess and say that some form of co-op will make an experience — after all, four Eternals are shown during the trailers — and the intense focus on cooperation between animals and humans would translate well to a multiplayer experience.

Nothing has been made made official, but, based on the previous trailers, it seems like multiplayer would be a wise direction for Rare’s new title. The studio also has extensive experience with cooperative titles, having previous developed the popular multiplayer title Sea of Thieves.

DLC plans

No DLC plans have been announced for Everwild. However, we’d be surprised if some sort of post-release content isn’t made available. Whether that comes in the form of paid DLC, seasonal expansions, or even some type of battle pass is unknown, but you’d be hard-pressed nowadays to find a highly anticipated game that didn’t offer some sort of content beyond its initial release.

Pre-order bonuses

Since Everwild is yet to receive a price, pre-orders are not active. Rare’s upcoming title will be included in Xbox Game Pass, so if you’re a monthly subscriber, there’s no need to keep your eyes peeled for pre-orders.

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