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Chicory: A Colorful Tale, Omori, and more indies coming to Switch

Nintendo hosted a new Indie World showcase today. The 20-minute video promised ports of popular titles like Chicory: A Colorful Tale and Omori, while also introducing new titles like Sea of Stars and Loco Motive.

Indie World Showcase 12.15.2021 - Nintendo Switch

Chicory: A Colorful Tale, which we recently called one of this year’s best indie games, lands on Nintendo Switch later today. Players can use a magic paintbrush to draw and paint on almost anything in the game, revealing a world full of color and life behind a black-and-white exterior. Players paint to solve puzzles, help out NPCs, and find the titular Chicory, a master artist and wielder of the paintbrush who has gone missing.

Omori was a surprise hit late last year on PC. The game uses a unique art style from artist, programmer, writer, and designer OMOCAT, as well as turn-based battles,and a variety of colorful characters to tell a deep, sometimes difficult story about mental health. Players can travel between multiple worlds, facing enemies and meeting new friends along the way in their quest to stay afloat. Omori will be available on Switch in spring 2022.

A variety of other interesting indie titles are also coming to Nintendo’s hybrid console. Don’t Starve Together, the multiplayer expansion to the popular Don’t Starve, will be available soon alongside a trial for the original Don’t Starve, which starts today. The previously announced OlliOlli World opened for Switch pre-orders today and showed off a new trailer with unique skate paths and new characters.

Sea of Stars is another highlight. A prequel to The Messenger, it’s a turn-based adventure heavily inspired by Chrono Trigger. Though it won’t arrive until holiday 2022, its trailer announced that it will have music from Yasunori Mitsuda, who also composed music for Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross.

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