Experience Synesthesia in this Child of Earth trailer

experience synesthesia in this child of earth trailer children eden

There is no denying that the Kinect is a bona fide hit for Microsoft. With 10 million units sold since launch, the hardware has already made an impact on long-time gamers, as well as casual or non-gamers looking to try out something new that doesn’t take previous experience to enjoy. But the hardware can only go so far, what the Kinect needs is games.

There are a few hits out there to choose from, but the launch lineup was weak.  Many developers weren’t convinced of the Kinect’s appeal, and weren’t willing to invest the development funds into a new piece of hardware that could only be used by a niche audience. The risk was much greater than the reward, which left us with games like Fighters Uncaged. The horror, the horror. There are some exceptionally fun Kinect games–the dancing titles are a standout for example–but even those are fairly simple in terms of development.

But there were some studios that waited until they could see the hardware for themselves. These developers could usher in something of a second wave of Kinect games, that began development before the release of the Kinect, but eyed the sales results before fully committing, putting their release somewhere in the coming summer. Among those titles, one is catching the attention of most that see it, thanks to its wild visual style and original gameplay: Child of Eden.

The story—which is probably more of a backdrop for the gameplay than anything—puts you in the role of savior, as you try to save Project Lumi, a plan to recreate a human personality and incorporate it inside of Eden, a futuristic archive of human memories and information. An unknown virus is attempting to destroy the project, and you embark on a rail-based first-person shooter, but in a totally original way.

Check out the trailer below showing off some of the look and movement of the game for a better idea of what to expect.  Child of Eden will be available on the Xbox 360 on June 14, while a modified version will debut on the PS3 in September.