Fable 3 Intro Trailer Debuts

Fable III is still a few months away, but for those that simply cannot wait, Lionhead Studios has released the opening cinematic for the upcoming Fable sequel.fable 3 intro trailer debuts fableiii

Building off the success of the first two games in the franchise, while simultaneously reinventing itself, Fable III takes place at the dawn of the industrial age in Albion. Set 50 years after the events of Fable II, the country is ruled by the main character’s tyrant brother, Logan. You soon unseat him and rule the kingdom, and a foreign nation called Aurora attacks.

As with the previous games, you choose whether you want to follow a good path, or an evil one, but Fable III has a larger scale than the previous entries. In the past, your actions would cause people to react to you based on the choices you made. They might run, or they might greet you with joy, for example. In Fable III, your actions impact entire areas. If you are a good king, your kingdom will prosper. If you are greedy, areas will become depressed and derelict.

For a hands-on impressions of Fable III, check out our E3 impressions. For now though, check out the trailer below, and pray for the chickens of Albion! Watch the trailer and that will make sense…

Warning: This trailer may not be suitable for all ages.