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Fable Legends is coming to Windows 10 and you can play it with your Xbox friends

fable legends free to play e3 004
Amidst all of the hardcore tech-geek news about operating systems and user experience and productivity apps (ew), Microsoft slipped a little bit of straight-up gaming news into its Windows 10 reveal: Fable Legends is coming to the new OS as well, with both that and the Xbox One version set to arrive sometime in 2015.

Details are scant beyond what we already know about the Lionhead Studios-developed effort, which was first announced in 2013 as an Xbox One exclusive. The biggest revelation is that the newly cross-platform game also supports cross-platform play. It’s not a first for Xbox and Windows games to play nice together, but it’s not something we’ve seen during the latest generation of console hardware.

More exciting is the possibility that Fable Legends is the first step toward a bigger focus on uniting the Windows and Xbox audiences. Windows 10’s new Xbox app is similar in a lot of ways to the existing SmartGlass software, which allows an assortment of mobile devices (Android and iOS as well as Windows Phone) to access features from and issue commands to Xbox consoles.

Could more cross-platform gaming between Windows and Xbox be on the horizon? It’s all speculation for now, but Microsoft promises to share more details on Windows 10’s gaming capabilities at the annual Game Developer’s Conference in March 2015.

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