Facebook introduces real money gambling games

facebook introduces real money gambling games bingo frenzy game

Just when you think the addictive Farmville fiasco on Facebook was getting out of hand, now there’s something new to possibly worry about. Facebook is launching a new gaming app that will be the first to allow real money gambling without using Facebook’s credits system.

Known as Bingo Friendzy, the United Kingdom-based game currently offers a casino-type slots game and 90 Ball Bingo for players above the age of 18. Features of the game also include “enhanced pay-outs” when a user successfully brings his or her friend into play. In bypassing the Facebook credits system, players can trade the exact amount of cash gambled rather than letting Facebook take a 30 percent cut of each transactions. However, it is not yet confirmed whether Facebook will be able to take any commission.

Aside from using live monetary gambles, the game also requires users to register outside of Facebook with their own e-mail and physical addresses before attempting to win cold hard cash. To ensure players are actually ages 18 and older, Facebook will double check credit card verifications before allowing them to fully access the app.

“People love playing new types of games with their friends on Facebook, and real money gaming is a popular leisure activity in the UK,” Julien Codorniou, Facebook’s Head of EMEA Gaming Partnerships, told The Next Web. “We’re delighted to be working with Gamesys to enable them to offer their games on Facebook so that people can enjoy playing more games with their friends.”

Bingo Friendzy is only the first of Facebook’s partnership with gambling entertainment companies as the social media giant aims to put more live cash gambling fun on its Apps Center. However, Gamesys apps will integrate a limit system where users can adjust how much they want to cap their spendings to prevent gambling their lives away.

While Bingo Friendzy is currently exclusive to residents of the UK, Zynga is reportedly planning to introduce its own array of gambling games with real money. Keep in mind that although options may soon increase, it should be more difficult to offer the same types of entertainment in American territory thanks to the laws that forbid online gambling in several states. I don’t know about you, but I think I’ll stick with Flip Night at the bar as far as real world gambling goes.