Fallout 4’s Pip-Boy companion app out now for iOS and Android

Wastelanders and vault-dwellers take note: Bethesda has released its free Fallout 4 companion app Fallout Pip-Boy via Google Play and the iTunes App Store, equipping survivors with an array of helpful tools for their journey through a post-apocalyptic Boston.

Fallout Pip-Boy syncs with the upcoming Fallout 4, giving users quick and easy access to in-game stats, maps, and other features during their quest.

When using the Fallout Pip-Boy app during gameplay, Fallout 4 players can access their inventory at a glance using a connected smartphone or tablet device. Players can also tune the virtual device’s radio to hear the game’s soundtrack while exploring the post-nuclear wastes.

Fallout Pip-Boy additionally includes a number of built-in minigames that can be accesssed by collecting holotapes within Fallout 4. The Missile Command-like Atomic Command is unlocked by default, and additional games will become available as players explore Fallout 4 expansive open world.

While Fallout Pip-Boy is free to download and use, the app has specific utility for players who pre-ordered Fallout 4‘s Pip-Boy Edition. This limited edition version of the game is packaged with a replica Pip-Boy gauntlet, allowing players to attach a compatible smartphone and use the app in a close approximation of how in-game characters would use their own Pip-Boys.

The Pip-Boy plays a crucial role during Fallout series gameplay, serving as a persistent status screen and settings menu. In past Fallout games, players accessed an in-game Pip-Boy in order to heal wounds and swap out weapons mid-battle, among other functions. Fallout 4 will retain traditional in-game Pip-Boy functionality in addition to the new second-screen experience Fallout Pip-Boy offers.

Fallout Pip-Boy is available as a free download, though the majority of its content requires players to sync up with a copy of Fallout 4 before it can be accessed. Fallout 4 premieres for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PCs on November 10th.

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