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It won’t turn ghouls into dust, but this ‘Fallout 4’ rifle is a thing of beauty

Fallout 4 Automatic laser rifle! **Fully functional!**
Bethesda fans are extremely passionate about the Fallout series, with cosplay helping them to share their love for the apocalypse with the world. What the cosplaying super-fans don’t yet have, however, is this custom-made laser rifle, complete with rotating parts and sounds that transport you right into the middle of Diamond City.

Built by Chris Wolfe of Combustible Props, the laser rifle’s barrel spins at a ludicrously high speed, while an LED light at the very front of the weapon flashes quickly in unison. Using a soundboard, Wolfe was able to include realistic audio, as well. When fired in single-shot, semi-automatic fashion instead of the rapid-fire mode seen throughout most of the video, the shots appear to ring out a bit more.

The majority of the rifle was created using a 3D printer and you can download the prints from Wolfe if you want to make it for yourself. The other functioning components were made using a small LED light, the soundboard, and a “custom regulator.” All are then connected and controller by an Adafruit Metro Mini microcontroller.

The aesthetic appeal of the rifle, however, is perhaps even better than its function. The dull plastic and exposed yellow wires fit perfectly with the decrepit, neglected look of the Fallout universe. Just put on your Pip-Boy and vault suit, and you are ready to take on the world … or what is left of it.

If you’re more into Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls series, Wolfe is also working on replicas that you will enjoy. A steel war hammer complete with three fasteners and a wooden handle looks like it could take out a few giants before you get sent into the stratosphere by their ridiculous punches and if you want to kick back and relax instead of killing enemies, he is also casting replica Nuka Cola bottles.

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