Fan-made trailer for BioShock movie is a terrible tease

fan made trailer for bioshock movie is a terrible teaseWe might as well come to terms with the fact that we’re probably not going to see a BioShock movie any time soon. Heck, even the game’s creator isn’t in a hurry to bring the undersea epic to the big screen.

That’s why a new, brief-but-impressive, fan-made trailer for a BioShock movie is such a frustrating tease: it hints at how cool a movie based on the hit game franchise could be.

While this trailer offers a more subtle peek at the possibilities of a BioShock movie, others have gone the full-fledged, cutscene route with some success, or taken a more active, DIY (though a little cheesy) approach to the project.

Sadly, it looks like these fan-made BioShock trailers are the best we’re going to get for now — and possibly ever — when it comes to the game.