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Far Cry 6: All rooster locations

Open-world games are known for their side activities. Even the Far Cry games have dabbled in some traditional diversions, such as treasure hunts, races, hunting, and fishing, to name a few. Far Cry 6 has many of these as well, but one extra mode stands out as the most unique for not only this series, but in gaming as a whole. The controversial “sport” of cockfighting makes an appearance as an activity you can participate in to earn some extra money once you reach Montero Farm in Madrugada.

You’re not just a spectator betting on a random outcome in Far Cry 6‘s cockfighting mini-game, however. Instead, the game puts you in control of your rooster of choice in a surprisingly fun and competent little fighting-game-style battle. Before you can enter the ring, though, you will need a champion to fight on your behalf. Special roosters are waiting all around Yara for you to find and test out in the ring. There are a total of 13 to find, with six more you can get as part of Ubisoft rewards, with their own unique names. We’ve scouted out all the best feathery fighters in Far Cry 6. Here are all the rooster locations to test out in the ring and earn yourself the Recrooster trophy and achievement.

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El Rato

The cleverly named El Rato should be the first rooster you come across in Far Cry 6. As soon as you find the cockfighting ring at Montero Farm, you can add this rooster to your roster right away. Just beside the actual ring is the crate right by the stands and large cages. Pick him up to get started with this odd mini-game.

El Aguila

Dani walking up to a cockfighting ring.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

In the Madrugada region, there’s a mountain to the northeast of the Cortina Weather Station, just across the river. Climb to the summit and find a zipline that can take you across to a little plateau someone looks like they’ve been camping out on. The box with El Aguila is near the edge of the cliff adorned with a rooster.

El Dorado

Finding El Dorado won’t take you years, but it does have to wait until you’ve at least completed the Yaran Story mission titled Spur of the Moment, which you can start by talking to one of the characters at the cockfighting ring itself. This mission will take you to an underground bunker, where you can find this rooster behind a butcher’s table. Rescue him so he can fight another day.


From Verdera in Lozania, go northeast until you spot a cart that sells ice cream. From there, go left and look for a shack with a green tarp on top. Just in front of this building is the box holding Acero.


Moving over to the Valle De Oro region we have Papacito. This rambunctious rooster is in an appropriate spot for an animal at least, the Castillo National Zoo in the northern part of Balacera. You can grab him while in the mission Break the Chains you get from Talia, but are free to go there before or after as well. There’s a big green wall you need to climb at the northeast end of the zoo that leads to a bunch of chickens roaming around. Our new friend Papacito is boarded up in a box on top of one of the chicken cages under an awning.

El Pico

Two roosters about to fight.
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El Pico has a pretty nice thing going on at a farm to the south of the Botanical Gardens of Yara. This lovely spot is in Noventarmas, just west of the Cielo Gardens, and is right by the primary road and up a small hill. You’ll know it by the blue house. Head around back to find El Pico right past the gate.

La Muerte Negra

In the Cruz Del Salvador area is the town of Segunda. On the far west end of this town, beyond the big blue and orange tower, is a small farm. La Muerte Negra is boxed up on the south side of the farm next to the metal fence and small cage.

El Fenix

Rising from the ashes, El Fenix will be reborn when you head to the east coast of Valle De Oro and enter Muerte Point. On the south side of Orquidea Villa, which is on the western side of Muerte Point, is a little farm with some pigs out front in a pen. You’re not after the hogs, though, so ignore them and enter the small side building near where the car is parked to free El Fenix.


Traveling out to the El Este region, we need to rescue Hermoso from the Bonilla Farm located to the west end of the Savannah fields in Sierra Perdida. There are a series of pens and coops here to look through, but Hermoso is kept in the one labeled #1.

La Bala de Plata

This lovely rooster is also chilling on a farm in Sierra Perdida, this time with the Alvarez Farm by the Vacia Coast. You will be taken right to this spot as part of the Yaran Story Man’s Best Enemy. On the road is a trailer unattached to any car with La Bala de Plata hanging out in the back.

El Huevo

A crate holding a rooster.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

El Huevo needs to be sprung out of La Joya Local PDP Offices in La Joya, which is just southwest of Mirador Cape. You will need to head inside, get up to the second floor either from the ground or via the roof, and bust your new buddy out.

El Gallo Magnifico

El Gallo Magnifico is very easy to get, and can’t be missed once you start the Everything to Lose Yaran Story mission, which is started by speaking to Petra. As part of this quest, you will be taken to the Arrese Farm within the Fernando Valley where Arrese himself will give you El Gallo Magnifico to take to safety. He’s kept in a hut near the house that’s locked up, but the key is right in the main house. Just don’t tell Arrese what trouble his rooster gets into.

La Bestia Blanca

The last rooster to add to your mini fighting game roster may also be the toughest to get. La Bestia Blanca is kept in Esperanza at the Casas del Lodo Residence, which is on the far west end of the city and on Roja Bay. You can wait to be led to this exact spot and get her by doing the Treasure Hunt called The Last One to Leave, or seek out the light-blue house on the cliff yourself. Either way, enter the house and save La Bestia Blanca from the kitchen.

With all the roosters resting and raring to ravage their rivals, you will unlock the Recrooster trophy and achievement.

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