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Play while laughing with 8 of our favorite funny video game mods


Video game modifications, or “mods,” have been around for decades, enabling players to alter the original version of a game in order to add new features, change graphics, or otherwise change how its played. Many of them are designed to enhance the experience without abandoning the game designers’ original vision, but others set their sights a little lower — they’re just in it for laughs. Mods have created some of the weirdest, wildest, most hilarious moments in gaming history. Here are a few you don’t want to pass up.

‘The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’ — Macho Man Randy Savage

Skyrim - "Macho Man" Randy Savage - Dragon Mod

The man, the myth, the dragon of legend, no list of funny video game mods would ever be complete without paying tribute to Macho Man Randy Savage. This mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim turns Alduin, the first dragon you encounter in the game’s main questline, into late wrestling superstar Randy Savage. In place of the dragon’s ominous cries during the infamous execution scene is an inspiring speech from Savage. Just as your head is about to be lopped off your shoulders, he lands on the scene, hat and all, ready to ruin everyone’s day.

With a hearty, “Oh, yeah!” and plenty of fire-breathing, it’s impossible to not be both intimidated and extremely confused. When you see the dragon-wrestler hybrid from below, it’s even more terrifying, as his lanky frame and long fingers make him look like a deformed Slender Man.

‘Grand Theft Auto V’ — Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Bombs

GTA 5 MOD - Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (Bomb)

In 2016, electronics giant Samsung found itself at the center of a controversy after several of its Galaxy Note 7 phones exploded during normal use. It prompted an enormous recall and tainted the company’s relatively pristine reputation, and it was turned into one of the best Grand Theft Auto V mods of all time. Once you installed the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mod for the game, if you head to the Ammu-Nation gun store, you will find that Note 7 phones have replaced sticky bombs. Next, just plant your phone on a car or chuck it into a crowd of people and watch it cause a massive, violent explosion.

Evidently, Samsung wasn’t too happy about the mod. The company issued a copyright takedown on a YouTube video showing it in action, but it appears to have given up on that front. Hopefully, it spends it future time working on making sure its phones don’t explode instead of removing YouTube videos.

‘Fallout 4’ — Shaun is the Antichrist


Sweet, innocent baby Shaun’s kidnapping sets the events of Fallout 4 in motion, but what if your child had a disturbing secret? With the “Shaun is the Antichrist” mod, the baby’s cries are replaced with what sounds like demons feeding in Hell, all while his bedroom remains unchanged and his mobile hangs above his crib.

With this mod, your motivation to find Shaun after the nuclear apocalypse will likely be reduced, leading to a murderous playthrough as you attempt to destroy the hellspawn that have invaded earth and corrupted your loved ones.

‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ — Waluigi

Waluigi | Dragon Ball FighterZ Mod

The Dragon Ball FighterZ roster is pretty extensive, letting players fight with everyone from Piccolo to Android 18 and even Hit, but there was one notable omission … Waluigi.

Any true fan of Toriyama’s work knows that Waluigi is essential to any Dragon Ball game, and fighting game modder Mastaklo took it upon themselves to insert the character in place of Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta.

The mod doesn’t include any audio changes, so you still hear Vegeta’s voice, but watching Waluigi beat the daylights out of Frieza before annihilating him with a giant energy blast is still well worth it.

‘Left 4 Dead 2’ — Left 4 Teletubbies

Introducing Left 4 Teletubbies 2 Mod Official Release! (L4D2)

If you watched Teletubbies growing up, you might have thought the show was just a little bit creepy. From the weird food the colored creatures ate to the laughing baby in the sky, it all seemed like the fever dream Mister Rogers had after accidentally taking LSD at a party. But to be truly terrified, you need to play FlameKnight7’s Left 4 Dead 2 mod, “Left 4 Teletubbies.”

The mod turns the game’s horrifying zombies and monsters into even more horrifying children’s television characters, with blood pouring from their eyes and your demise on their mind. The mod comes with custom sound effects and exploding heads, just so you definitely never watch the show again without your friends and family by your side.

‘The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’ — Immersive Indigestion

Immersive Indigestion-Skyrim Mods Friday #27 [FR]

It’s an undeniable truth that farts are funny, and there are far too few of them in video games. Modder AlpineYJ rectified (really rectified) this in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with the “Immersive Indigestion” mod. Also available on Xbox One, the mod breaks up the dramatic tension by having characters fart and burp, and their indigestion is made worse during periods of combat or when they’re eating. The perpetrator of this mod even used their own indigestion to create some of the in-game audio.

FYI, it’s also available for Fallout 4 in case you can’t get enough.

‘World of Warcraft’ — Owen Wilson saying “wow”


Sitting around firing your weapons and enemies in World of Warcraft can get a little boring sometimes, but it’s significantly more entertaining to do so with Owen Wilson saying “wow” repeatedly in the background. Sweetsour’s audio mod does just that, with the actor’s excited expression popping up whenever you land a critical hit.

If you prefer, audio packs are also available with sounds from Macho Man Randy Savage, Michael Jackson, Murlocs, or even Yoshi. However, nothing can truly top Wilson.

‘Doom’ — Everything is Tim Allen


We aren’t proud to have laughed at this one, but we did. Modder and YouTube user Marisa Kirisame created a mod for Id Software’s classic shooter Doom that turns everything into Tim Allen from Home Improvement — and we mean everything. From the textures on the walls to the enemies and even your ammunition, it’s all Tim Allen, all the time.

To go along with the visual beauty, the mod also includes Allen’s weird grunt from the end of the show’s theme song. It’s not something you’ll want to play for more than a few minutes, lest you go into shock, and you’ll have to run Linux on your computer in order for it to work … but it’s still worth it.

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